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by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

From modest beginnings, Elizabeth Clare Prophet rose to become one of the world's most compelling, charismatic and controversial spiritual leaders. Her life and accomoplishments have been chronicled by others. But never, until now, has there been a firsthand account. In this book, Elizabeth Clare Prophet tells the story of the search for her life's mission during her first twenty-two years. It provides an unflinching view of the struggles and triumphs that helped define her life. This memoir is a glimpse into the life and character of an extraordinary figure in new Age spirituality. It offers an intimate look into what it means to be a mystic in today's world.
Download In My Own Words: Memoirs of a Twentieth-Century Mystic epub
ISBN: 1932890157
ISBN13: 978-1932890150
Category: Biographies
Subcategory: Memoirs
Author: Elizabeth Clare Prophet
Language: English
Publisher: Summit University Press (January 1, 2009)
Pages: 256 pages
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Rating: 4.8
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This book is based on three sources: 1) A series of interviews that my mother did with my sister Tatiana and myself during the early to mid-1990s 2) A memoir that she began to edit based on those interviews. 3) Transcripts of her memories given during lectures. The intent of the biographical interviews was that my sister and I should use them as templates to go back and do research into her life, based on her and her parents' letters and other documentary evidence and weave them into a comprehensive biography. Unfortunately, this project was never completed. "In My Own Words" needs to be revised in light of all of her words, not just the interviews and off-the-cuff remarks. As it is, it presents an inaccurate picture. Yes, these are her own words. The question is, which words, and when were they said, and in what context and at what stage of her life? How accurate were her memories at that time? She did not believe she was infallible. The people who put together this book have failed to come to terms with her ultimate message of divinity in humanity and humanity in divinity. She was honest in searching the Bible for inconsistencies. Her followers should be honest about the way they present her life. The book Preparation for My Mission, edited by myself and my sister Tatiana, includes much of the material in this volume but it is contextualized by letters and other facts. I give In My Own Words two stars instead of one because the narrative does take on a certain sense of destiny and coherent force as it moves forward. However, the letters prove that the sense of destiny was not always there, and that the end was not known from the beginning. How much more powerful and inspirational is the real story, because it makes her not into a god but a human just like us. The story still ends up with her messengership (however on chooses to contextualize that). But to create a hagiography as has been done here is counter to her intentions and her memory.
I loved this book. It was very inspirational. The most powerful message I took from this book was how someone can have a very difficult childhood or a childhood mixed with love and some extremely repetitive difficulties and rise above them. She always keep her heart and consciousness on God and moved forward knowing that she came to do a work for God. Elizabeth Prophet was truly an inspired soul that did not look back with regret but moved forward always forgiving the difficult experiences in her life and finding the beauty and goodness in all that she lived through. It made me love her deeply as I read about her courage to move forward in faith, never letting her difficult beginning influence her to waver from the path of doing the great work for God she always knew she had come to do.
I found this book to be a necessity in understanding the Teacher and the Teaching. I hope all that follow Mrs. Prophet's teaching on the Masters have an opportunity to read this enlightening book.
I have always admired dear Elizabeth Clare Prophet for her commitment to spread the Ascended Masters Teachings and for having dedicated her life to this purpose. I admire also her charm, her intelligence, her untiring work,her poise, as well as so many other beautiful qualities she has. Now I admire her even more for her honesty in writing this memoirs for us, where she make us know all the important things that happened to her in her first 22 years of life, revealing all the pain she endured at her parent's home during her childhood and adolescent years, a bittersweet account mixed with fond memories indeed. Thank you dear Mother, for letting us know... This makes us understand you better.
This is an endearing and moving account of the life of Elizabeth Clare Prophet, with a personal and intimate view of her early years. The openness and explicit lovingkindness that exudes from the book is an example of the character of the author and her love for all of mankind. With sincere hope that many readers will come to enjoy the book on the life of this great mystic, prophet, and 'Mother.'
Many people have said many things about this new age spiritual leader. Finally, we have it in her own words. It's worth reading just to get inside her mind and to begin to understand what makes her tick...and not merely from someone else's perspective. Although this book only covers the first 22 years of her life, it's a treat!
In My Own Words: Memoirs of a Twentieth-Century Mystic
There is so much depth in this book it will have you motivated to take a look at what shaped your own life. Read this book for entertainment, enlightenment, inspiration. Truly uplifting story proving the resiliency of the human spirit.
This is just another attempt by current leaders of the Church Universal and Triumphant to continue to dupe its followers and spread the good old propaganda that used to work so well. Read Elizabeth Clare Prophet's daughter's book: Prophet's Daughter instead. Erin at least makes an attempt to tell the truth, unlike the other members of Prophet's family, such as Sean prophet who still to this day maintain that ECP's followers got what they deserved for placing their trust in his mother.