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by Gerald J. Prokopowicz

Over the course of nine years as scholar-in-residence at the Lincoln Museum, Gerald J. Prokopowicz answered thousands of questions about Abraham Lincoln. Reporters, researchers, students, and especially the 50,000 visitors who come to the museum every year all want to know about the nation's most famous president. Although there have been more books written about Lincoln than any other American, there has never been a single book that clearly answers the most important, most unusual, most provocative, and most frequently asked questions. Until now.Did Lincoln Own Slaves? And Other Frequently Asked Questions About Abraham Lincoln draws on the questions that people actually ask. Some are personal: Did Lincoln keep any pets? Some are inspired by recent reinterpretations of Lincoln's actions: Was Lincoln a racist? Some are questions that previous generations of historians considered inappropriate: Was Lincoln gay? Whether drawn from today's headlines (Did Lincoln's presidential actions violate the Constitution?) or from today's tabloids (Did doctors really raise Lincoln from the dead?), the questions in Did Lincoln Own Slaves? illuminate what people really want to know about the past.Prokopowicz has organized the questions along the time line of Lincoln's life to give us a portrait of the sixteenth president unlike any we have had before. His authoritative, often surprising responses illuminate facets of Lincoln's life, work, and legacy about which people remain endlessly curious.
Download Did Lincoln Own Slaves?: And Other Frequently Asked Questions About Abraham Lincoln epub
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In this excellent book, the author has taken everything ever known and debated about the legendary 16th President and laid it out in a format that is both accessible and informative for everyone. Any question you've ever had, from Lincoln's views on race, his sexuality, his much debated relationship with his's all here. And what is really wonderful is how Prokopowicz takes each issue, answers with the known facts, and then assumes that the reader is intelligent enough to form his/her own conclusions.

I read somewhere that trying to understand Lincoln is like trying to understand outer space or the ocean. It can never truly happen, and what we ARE able to learn only confuses us even more. That might be one of the truest things I've ever read about this mysterious, baffling man who has been dead for well over a century but remains so controversial and misunderstood. But for serious, thinking people who want to start somewhere, this book is a great place to do it!
Never believe it! Dr. Prokopowicz, as knowledgable a Lincoln scholar as there is, takes a question and answer approach to his heroic subject. This is in no way to trivialize Lincoln, rather, it's learning with a smile and at a fast pace. You'll know more about Lincoln when you finish this book than just about any other, and you'll return to it as a reference source time and again. Highly recommended!
You can't get a better one. This book, in question and answer format, fields the many questions lay people, and indeed many scholars, have about our 16th President.

The book was written by the former director of the Lincoln Library in Springfield, Illinois. Can you possibly find a more authoritative source ? He obviously knows his material, but additionally, the book was written by someone who has a pretty good sense of humor.

Dennis C.
Just finished listening to this audiobook and am very pleased. On the first disc,listeners are encouraged to put the book away if they're long-time Lincoln buffs-because nothing new would be heard. Well, I am a long-time Lincoln fan but I still learned new things- but more importantly I just enjoyed the heck out of the book. I love the question and answer format used. I appreciate the author's sense of humor, easy going style, and clear concise language. This really is a "must have" for all who are seeking to know Lincoln better.
Excellent overview Lincoln that dismisses the myths and misinformation surrounding the memory of our greatest president. Highly recommended to anyone interested in the Civil War era. I do wish it had more on the interaction between Lincoln and Grant, however.
Informative and enjoyable. Both scholarly and accessible.
Having been assigned this book for a college history course, I was skeptical of reading it. However, I found that it is filled with very interesting facts and stories related to Abraham Lincoln and the events of his time. It is a well-written and very interesting read.
Did you ever have a question about Abraham Lincoln but didn't want to pull several books of a library shelf to find the answer? Have you toured the White House, the Lincoln Home, or any of the other various Lincoln sites and had a question that you thought others might think you stupid or uneducated for asking? Then Gerald J. Prokopowicz's book "Did Lincoln Own Slaves?: And Other Frequently Asked Questions About Abraham Lincoln" is just the book for you.

This, as acknowledged by Mr. Prokopowicz in his introduction, is not a book directed towards Lincoln Scholars or history professors. This is a book intended to be read by the general American public. If you have read several books on Abraham Lincoln there is little, if anything, new to be discovered between its covers that you probably haven't read elsewhere.

This slim tome is an encyclopedia of questions posed about Abraham Lincoln's life and times, the man, the myths and the legends. Though there are probably several, I cannot think of a single question about Abraham Lincoln that is not answered in this book.

Written in a question and answer format, the book is broken into chapters covering specific segments of his Lincoln's life: The Boy Lincoln, Rail-Splitter, Springfield, Politician, Speaker, President, Commander In Chief, Gettysburg, Emancipation, Lincoln The Man, Martyr and lastly, Legacy.

Mr. Prokopowicz does not speak down to his readers. He writes in an easily read, conversational style with a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor thrown in. His answers are often short and concise, but more complicated questions, such as Lincoln's view of race, or emancipation, both deserve and receive longer answers. His book is aimed toward those who are curious about Abraham Lincoln, and though the author answers each question he also includes a section titled "For Further Reading" at the end of each chapter for those who would like to know more.

As Lincoln scholar, Mr. Prokopowicz has devoted much of his life to the study of the life and times of our 16th president. For nine years he served as the Lincoln Scholar at the Lincoln Museum at Fort Wayne, Indiana, and was the editor of its quarterly journal, "Lincoln Lore." He is a member of the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission Advisory Committee, and the host of Civil War Talk Radio. He is currently the chair of the history department at East Carolina University.