» » Fighting the Flying Circus: The Greatest True Air Adventure to Come out of World War I

Download Fighting the Flying Circus: The Greatest True Air Adventure to Come out of World War I epub

by Captain Eddie V. Rickenbacker

In Fighting the Flying Circus, Captain Rickenbacker recounts his combat missions against the Germans in the skies over Europe during WWI.
Download Fighting the Flying Circus: The Greatest True Air Adventure to Come out of World War I epub
ISBN: 0385505590
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Author: Captain Eddie V. Rickenbacker
Language: English
Publisher: Doubleday (September 4, 2001)
Pages: 324 pages
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This book is a very matter of fact account by Rickenbacker of the Hat in the Ring Squadron's combat activities in France during the final months of WWI. He recounts many of his missions and those of others in the squadron, flying against "Boche" and "Hun" (he rarely calls them Germans) pilots and balloon positions. To his credit, Rickenbacker does not exaggerate what happened or inflate what he accomplished as a pilot. He recounts his combat flights-- the successful and the unsuccessful-- with total honesty and modesty. He tells you of the tactical mistakes he made that could have killed him, and how they killed others who weren't so lucky. A drawback of his modest approach, however, is that Rickenbacker is not a particularly exciting writer. His book is interesting, but not riveting. But in the end, the reader is left with admiration for these young men who came from all over America, spurred by patriotism and an equal sense of adventure, to launch themselves into the sky in relatively flimsy fighting "machines," risking terrible death from bullets and flaming gasoline, against young German men a lot like them. How did they do it?
Eddie Rickenbacker had a remarkable life. He was already a successful racing car driver when he went off to WWI and became America's top scoring fighter pilot Ace. Aside from Rickenbacker's own personal story, there's a lot of very interesting WWI aviation information in this volume for history buffs. The only thing that bothered me about the book is that it's written rather cheerfully, which struck me as strange, given the realities of combat.
If you are a WWI enthusiast or simply interested in aviation, this book is a must read. Captain Rickenbacker takes you inside the mind of a fighter pilot and in doing so makes you feel as if you are right there with him in battle. This book will keep your attention from beginning to end and is simply hard to put down. From the beginnings of the Hat in the Ring squadron to the final days of the war, Capt. Rickenbacker allows you to fly along with him in a hair raising game of death high over German lines. Not only does he do a wonderful job of explaining the true pressures of flying combat aircraft, but he also allows the reader to peer inside the head of a pilot concerned not only for his own safety, but burdened with the safety of the men under his command. You will not be disappointed.

The only problem I see, and this is a minor one, is with the title. Although the title makes it sound as if Rickenbacker spent most of his time fighting against the famous Flying Circus of the Red Baron this simply isn't the case. He does talk about several deadly battles with the Flying Circus but these are few and far between. Rickenbacker makes no claim of ever personally fighting the Baron himself.
One of the best accounts of the aerial combat in WWI right from the horse's mouth, so to speak. "Indestructable Eddie" Rickenbacker was one of the most interesting and influential people in American history. Parts of this book are included in his autobiography, which is well worth reading.
A very valuable book that reveals the life and combat activities of America's most celebrated World War 1 fighter
pilot. He earned the Congressional Medal of Honor, and proved to be one of the most skillful combat pilots of
WW i. The writing is OK, and is slow in a few places. However, the accomplishments of Rickenbacker make this
an important read and possession for anyone interested in the development of air power and combat flying.
It is a no nonsense story, told much in the parlance of the day, by an all time aviation great, race car driver, and a man I have admired since boyhood. Not too flowery, not too dry, but a good account of flying planes in combat.
I am almost done reading this book and I love it. I think it is important to read about what those in service sacrificed for not just our freedoms, but those in other countries as well. I bought one for my Dad, too. Airplanes have always held a special place in our family's past and hopefully future as well. I highly recommend it. Eddie Rickenbacker describes his adventures in excellent detail. I highly recommend this book!
Fighting the Flying Circus as described by Eddie Rickenbacker, one of America's best racing car drivers, reveals the day to day ordeal flying canvas and wooden aircraft. The pilots flew without parachutes and often chose to jump from their planes instead of staying aboard when they caught on fire. I was surprised at the number of times the guns jammed and wouldn't fire. This is a great first hand experience book by America's top ace in WW 1.