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by John C. Bahnsen

Brigadier General John C. "Doc" Bahnsen, Jr.

One of America's most decorated soldiers in the Vietnam War. The ultimate warrior who engaged the enemy from nearly every type of aircraft and armored vehicle in the Army's inventory. An expert strategist who developed military tactics later adopted as doctrine. A revered leader ready to plunge into the thick of battle with his bare hands...

From Fort Knox to the front lines, accounts of Doc's brilliance in time of war became the stuff of legend--stories that are told with reverence to this day, inspiring raw recruits as well as America's future leaders. Now, drawing on his own recollections, as well as those of the men who fought beside him, Doc Bahnsen gives a full, uncensored account of his astonishing war record--and an unforgettable ground-level view of the day-to-day realities of serving one's country.

"Spellbinding.  .  .a must-read."--Thomas E. White, Jr.,18th Secretary of the Army

"Uncensored, raw, and striking.  .  .I recommend it highly."--General Barry R. McCaffrey

"Packed with heaps of heroism, courage, sacrifice, controvery--and a dash of humor."--Major General James L. Dozier

"This book explodes like a hand grenade. Be ready for a hell of a read!"--Lieutenant General Hank Emerson

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Download American Warrior: A Combat Memoir Of Vietnam epub
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Author: John C. Bahnsen
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Longitude Temporary
The power of this book is the detailed commentary by many soldiers who fought with Doc Bahnsen in hundreds of battles during Bahnsen's two combat tours in Vietnam. For those who wish to get an unwashed, unfiltered, down and dirty feel for life of combat aviators and ground soldiers, this is the book for you. As a fighter pilot with 180 combat missions over North Vietnam and Laos, I have the highest respect for those who fought with Doc Bahnsen in the close combat of South Vietnam.
I served with several officers who "grew up" under BG Bahnsen's leadership. They all displayed the drive for mission completion that is evident in this memoir. At times crude, this is an excellent retelling of the operations that "Doc" led and participated in. The mention of those who were killed and seriously wounded shows Bahnsen's dedication to caring for his troops. Add this book to your list of must reads when studying the Vietnam war.
Bought this book because there is an excerpt in there about my grandfather, Frank Zlobec. He died when I was very young so I mostly know him through stories that other people have told me. It was awesome to read about him from another perspective.
The helicopter gunship crew that went down in this book was my old crew. I'd left Vietnam a month earlier. That day Shepherd was not flying in our old gunship A/C 531 but was flying 522 I believe when they went down.

It's too bad more was not mentioned about the other Gunner Blain Shepherd. I flew with him for almost 7 months and he was an amazing man and the perfect example of the real American Warrior. Totally fearless, reacted to close calls with a morbid sense of humor that defused even the most dire of combat situations.

He was my friend and one of the few people whom I admired. You couldn't put our exploits in just one chapter of a book, their was just too many. For example
during TET 1968 while going on a mission to Duc Hoa Blain dumped a case of CS gas over the American Embasy as we fly over it. They never caught us, but Westmoreland reportly went nuts !

There is a million stories about Vietnam, and some very special people like Blain Shepherd who will be remembered, sadly by only those close to him.

Tom Thornburg
This book has some great insight into Vietnam as told by people who were there. It is very interesting to see how aviation assests were utilized during this time period. This book is well written and exciting to read. If you want to learn more about Vietnam this book is a must read.
Viet Nam first hand historical reference of the 118th Assault Helicopter Company Bandits and later the 11th ACR. I was a Bandit (34) a few years later. After 40 years I learned why we did what we did. The enemy even knew who we were and our aggressiveness. "Doc" Bahnsen really knew his stuff. He fine tuned helicopter assault tactics which seemed "dumb" but worked.
This is one of the most accurate depictions of what really happened in Vietnam. I was with the 101st as a crew chief/door gunner, but would have proudly served with Col. Bahnsen and the 11th Armored Cav!!!
Years ago, while a cadet at West Point, I first met Doc Bahnsen. Many, many years later, his stories still amaze me. A true American Hero!