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by Thomas Reeves

No issue is more hotly debated than how, or even if, a politician's private life affects his public competence. In A Question of Character John F. Kennedy's two lives—public and private—are examined to answer this timely question. Respected historian and biographer Thomas C. Reeves reveals discrepancies between JFK's public persona, which has reached mythic proportions, and his scandalous private behavior. Most illuminating is the constant theme or Joe Kennedy's almost total control of JFK's behavior and politics throughout most of his son's career. "The John Kennedy who emerges from these pages was not a man of good moral character. He was reared not to be good but to win." — Los Angeles TimesReeves has provided the most truthful and balanced assessment of John F. Kennedy to date. Written more in sorrow than in anger, A Question of Character explores the sensitive and difficult question of how people, and history itself, ought to judge the relationship between personal character and national leadership.
Download A Question of Character: A Life of John F. Kennedy epub
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Author: Thomas Reeves
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Publisher: Three Rivers Press; 50002nd edition (December 10, 1997)
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This book tells the life story of John F. Kennedy (JFK) in a no-holds-barred yet highly readable style. In doing so, it presents a man that many readers may find difficult to like. For, there appear to be two JFKs: the ‘public’ man --- the wounded war hero; strong, well-read and far-seeing intellectual; Pulitzer Prize winning author; caring husband and gifted orator --- and the ‘private’ JFK --- the sickly man who lied about his war service and his supposed wounds; who had no political philosophy and cared only about his own hedonistic sexual pleasures; who shared a mistress and consorted with the head of Chicago’s underworld syndicate, and who used lies, distortions, duplicity, dishonesty, and ruthless power, all wrapped up in a sham marriage, to create the political image which propelled him to the presidency. It’s not a pretty story but it is one well worth reading, especially if you fell for the ‘Camelot’ myth.

I bought this book largely because of its intriguing title. For I’d never seen or heard the word ‘Character’ used in association with the Kennedys. So, I simply had to know what this book’s author was implying. I must say, however, that my view of the Kennedys, at the time, was somewhat jaded. For, back in 2006 I’d read a biography of JFK’s father --- ‘Joseph P. Kennedy: The Mogul, the Mob, the Statesman, and the Making of an American Myth’ --- after which I concluded that Joe Kennedy had to be the poorest excuse for a human being I’d ever read about. Unfortunately, the low esteem with which I held Joe Kennedy, the Kennedys in general, and JFK in particular, was only reinforced by this book.

For, Joe Kennedy raised his sons in his own image. And as a result, just like their father, the sons all proved to be amoral, lecherous, ruthless, and driven to ‘win’ no matter how or what it took to do so. And, as you will discover in this book, Joe’s ultimate goal was for his eldest son to be president of the United States no matter what the cost (and, of course, for that son to be just like him). And, as we all know, he succeeded swimmingly.

One last note: In the book’s final chapter, the author makes a startling observation. He states that so many people, both in and out of the media, had been covering up for JFK for so long that there is a high probability that if JFK hadn’t been assassinated and had been re-elected; his reckless, lecherous, and nefarious behavior very-well might have come to light, causing him to be impeached.

Bottom line: This is a great book. I hope you read and enjoy it. For the myth of Camelot has gone on long enough.
Written by a one-time believer in the Kennedy "Camelot" myth, this book explodes the legend of JFK as a great man and great president. The author had heard the rumors of Kennedy's "womanizinng" and as a historian undertook to learn the truth, and the truth of the extent of the lechery that went on in the Kennedy White House astonished him. The facts he shares in his book raise important questions about the way we select our leaders, and the role of the media in covering those they want to choose for us.
Without his dad he may have never been a President
Due the tragic end of his presidency, it is difficult to find a bio that attempts to address President Kennedy objectively. This book does. The author praises and criticizes based on facts. Well written.
This page turner is well written and informative. Love it!
A respected Democratic author, Professor Reeves (for reasons unexplained--perhaps an interest in the truth?) has closely researched the JFK legend and picked it to pieces, leaving a revolting picture of one of the most morally corrupt, opportunistic, and despicable persons ever to occupy the presidential chair. JFK was the willing puppet of his autocratic, thuggish, and corrupt father. Everything you have heard about JFK's dark side seems to be true, although I could have done without the news that Jacqueline Kennedy wore a size 10 shoe.
Very detailed and well written.
Well done.