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by Cammy Franzese

A handsome Italian film producer and a beautiful Mexican dancer. A match made on a movie set and a lavish Beverly Hills wedding. The beginning of Camille Franzese’s story takes on the shade of an exotic fairy tale. But a closer look at her marriage to mafia capo Michael Franzese exposes more than a decade of anguish endured in the shadows of her husband’s crimes. The fear of arrest, the prison sentences, the house raids from federal agents―Camille lived through it all, not knowing whether her family could remain unbroken amid the turmoil and uncertainty that accompanied her husband’s life of crime.

Discover how Camille’s devotion to her marriage and her faith in God’s larger plan led to deliverance from devastation. Hers is a story of choices, consequences, and the prayers that hold us up when everything around us is falling down.

Download This Thing of Ours: How Faith Saved My Mafia Marriage epub
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Author: Cammy Franzese
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Publisher: Thomas Nelson (January 2, 2012)
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Of all of the men I admire and wish to have met, like Zig Ziglar, John Wooden, Nelson Mandela, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Bob Buford, Billy Graham, ..., but have passed away to be with God, Michael Franzese is the one live I’ll try to meet in person and bring him to Brazil to tell his wonderful testimony (provided Cammy comes along and tells hers!!!). He's up there in my list of worthy men like Andy Stanley, Rick Warren, Ravi Zacharias, John Lennox, John C Maxwell, William P. Young, Eric Metaxas, For Ortberg and a few others. Reading of his and Cammy’s story gives me hope that all is not lost for me, that even at 63, there’s still hope that God will intervene in my life to bring meaning and significance to it and make the next 30 years worth living!
Cammy Franzese had to put up with a lot when her notorious husband Michael quit the Mob. She shares her side of the story and how she came to have a strong faith in Jesus during her husband's prison time. Throughout many trials she shares how God was faithful to her and helped her to love (and support) her husband through it all. A great read for all wives!
I gave this book 2 stars because it is worth the money to see a slice of life that many are unfamiliar with, and it is well written, if somewhat rambling.
As for any promotion of "Christian" values, well, I can understand the author being all starry eyed, at 20, and marrying a guy who was great looking, rich and powerful,, while being too naïve to understand about organized crime. But she got older. There was no reason she should have not gotten wiser. While her husband was in jail for the first time, for four years, she and her kids were living in outrageous luxury; They had an 8 bedroom home with 9 bathrooms! She bought luxury cars left and right. She describes having a special decorator for their home because her husband wanted "nothing but the best." Now she had to guess where all that money was coming from. Michcael Franzesse never worked a regular job, except as a kid.

There are two possibilities for their over the top life style, old mob money and the movie making he was involved in. Even the movie money had to have been propped up with mob funds. It never seems to occur to this couple that they ought to turn ill gotten gains, at least to the point where they weren't living in the lap of luxury, over to charity and maybe, if possible, to victims of past crimes. As for the movies her husband has been involved in, how Christian can they be? There is almost nothing in the movie industry that doesn't promote anti Christian values.
I feel concerned for this couple. I don't doubt Michael's belief in the Savior, at least on a mental level. As for her, she seems to have a great love for her family, and that is great and touching at times, but as for the mob background, I see denial, denial, denial and a lust for "the good life."
This is a great love story and story of faith as this Christian wife did not seek a divorce once she discovered her husband's life but stuck in there praying for and showing by example what God could do in their lives if Michael would submit to His leading.
A must read for someone of faith ,very interesting, I couldn't stop reading . A story of love and redemption , does not disappoint
Shows the power of God to stabilise and transform lives. What a great legacy of serving the Lord that passed from mother to daughter and then son in law ! Just powerful !
The book was in good condition.
I kept waiting for that *aha moment* of excitement or suspense which just didn't happen. Thought there would be more detail of her husbands Mob involvement to help us understand his position better. In the beginning I think his charisma and money overwelmed her, so she was gullible. And wasn't she curious about the unending flow of money to her while he was in incarcerated? Felt she dwelt to much on the *poor me* aspect of having to raise her children without him and all the inconvenience during her prison visits. Did admire her for her fidelity and loyalty to her marriage. Would have liked a little more input about her husband's conversion and ministry. Also had the impression before I read the book that when you were a member of the Mafia and quit you were put in a witness protection or the Mafia killed you, so how did her husband escape this? She had to have Faith or just be naive to have stuck out the marriage. Maybe my expectations were just to high considering the title of the book.