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by Joann Fletcher,Alan Fildes

Famous for more than two millennia for the amazing deeds that he accomplished in his short life of thirty-two years, King Alexander III of Macedon is the most celebrated figure of classical antiquity. Alexander the Great: Son of the Gods presents, in a year-by-year chronicle, an intimate and fascinating portrait of the man who, in less than two decades, created the greatest empire the world had ever seen and acquired a semi-mythic status that persists today. Among the topics covered are Alexander's family life, including his stormy relationship with his father, King Philip, and the influence of his mother, Queen Olympias; his brilliant leadership, outwitting opponents and inspiring his devoted troops; and his daily life on the march and off duty, whether sharing the hardships of his men or indulging in the renowned bouts of feasting that may have contributed to his early death. Generously illustrated with ancient art from museums around the world, this is an engrossing, accessible biography of a legendary man.
Download Alexander the Great: Son of the Gods epub
ISBN: 0892366788
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Category: Biographies
Subcategory: Historical
Author: Joann Fletcher,Alan Fildes
Language: English
Publisher: Oxford University Press; 1 edition (September 19, 2002)
Pages: 176 pages
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I gave this book 5 stars for it's concise approach, beautiful photographs, and chronological narrative that gives even a complete Greek historical novice a valuable insight into this incredible man.
I found the book very easy to read, absorbing, and never felt weighed down with pages and pages of ancient descriptive text.
If you want to find out about Alexander, this book is by no means an all encompassing reference but it does give you the chief salient points, as a companion to the movie, or a documentary you may have watched, and makes for fascinating reading.
As you try and imagine yourself in 340BC, just stop and think as you read, and the exploits and achievements made by Alexander and his army have probably never been equaled to this day.
Another thing I love about this book, is a lot of map referencing. It's easy to wax on about Sogdia and Sewa without knowing where there are on a map today, seeing the geography of today in comparison, only widens the sense of wonder, but does help put the history in even more perspective.
Highly recommended book. 5 Stars
Alexander was a hell of a guy.

I'm 31 years old and I've only done like a quarter of the stuff this dude pulled off before he was my age. But I plan on living lot longer than him so don't be too hard on me.

Anyways, this is a great coffee table book. It's not super in depth, but features a fairly complete history of Alexander and his culture of conquests, and has excellent pictures. Lots of maps, photots of ancient Greek relics from museums and statues and carvings and such.

Class up your city apartment by approximately 23% with "Alexander the Great: Son of the Gods" by Alan Fildes.
This is a wonderful book. It has wonderful full page color photographs and a clear and concise story. I have a number of books about Alexander the Great and this is a really excellent addition to my library. I recommend it highly especially for anyone who is just beginning to explore the life of Alexander the Great.
The writing is clear and readable; the book would be accessible to a 7th grader, upward. The book is essentially an extended encyclopedia entry. The conventional account is asserted; no (or little) debate of facts burdens the story. It contains numerous illustrations of high quality, including maps with Alexander's movements delineated.
Very informative and enjoyable to read, despite some dry spots. Best to read straight through and not skip to prompted pages. The writer really did their research!
What a pity! To turn such a great subject into an utterly BORING book. The language is dry, dates are given haphazardly within a chapter. There is no timeline table for easy reference. It has no flavor, no color, gives one no sense of excitement or adventure. It devotes only one or two pages to each of Alexander's campaigns and conquests, usually without explanation of how he was able to accomplish an amazing feat like crossing the Himalayas, or taking his whole army up a mountain on a "narrow path". The maps that are included provide no reference to modern names of cities and countries so one is left to guess just where an ancient city is located now.

I had really looked forward to a book that would make this extraordinary man come alive yet ended up having a hard time finishing it. It felt more like a chore than a pleasure.
Easy to read and go thru without all the dryness of a lot of history books. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is first getting into this subject.
I found this book to be a little like a text book. Yet after having my DNA done it was most relative to me. I found Alexander to be an incredible human being. Everything in this book is worth reading,,it is spellbinding even if it only touches the surface of his life. The information given the most relevant,his crusades and family. If you saw the movie about him it will be more enjoyable. Records were kept of him from infancy to conversations with his soldiers, to Aristotle. He was a brilliant tactician and a warrior his soldiers followed to the end. He mesmerized his enemies and people around him. His belief that he was the son of Zeus created his own belief in the divine. This book shows the true strength of Alexander, such a book is well worth the read.