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by James W. Clarke

In 1978 convicted murderer Gary Tison escaped from an Arizona prison with the help of his three sons. Over the following two weeks, Tison and his gang roamed the Southwest, murdering six people before confronting police in a bloody shootout near the Mexican border. Next to the Gunfight at the OK Corral, this is the most sensational crime story in Arizona history.
Download Last Rampage: The Escape of Gary Tison epub
ISBN: 0816519676
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Category: Biographies
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Author: James W. Clarke
Language: English
Publisher: University of Arizona Press; 1 edition (September 1, 1999)
Pages: 336 pages
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Saw the "Evil Kin" show on Discovery ID about this a couple weeks ago, and stirred some memories and re-interest, enticing me to buy the book.

I was 12 when this happened. Tison's nephew was a boyhood school mate in our very small and somewhat remote school between Flagstaff and Williams. Tison's brother's wife also worked at the little school. I remember the anxiety of everyone in the area wondering if the Tisons and Greenawalt were going to come in to try and meet up with his brother, and what that could potentially mean for residents in the area. Was a pretty tense time, and I vividly recall watching the news with much interest on the little old black and white TV about the escape and manhunt. The murders of the family near Quartzsite changed attitudes quickly regarding the seriousness of the escape, and turned a "not much to worry about prison escape" being watched with interest, into a very worrying time for anyone in the area and state. That event left no doubt that these guys would stop at nothing to retain their freedom, and anybody who crossed their paths was in potentially serious danger. Had not known until I read the book that they in fact had headed towards our town with the idea of seeking help from his brother, but changed their minds, and never made contact (reportedly).

Very interesting to read and get into the fine details of what happened, having lived in the area at the time and knowing some of the family, and also working for a short time at ASPC Florence Central Unit where Tison's sons are housed and where Greenawalt was executed about 3 months after I left.
Exceptionally well written, historically accurate account of the events leading up to, during, and after the escape of Gary Tison from the Arizona State Prison. One has to be sympathetic to the 3 sons who were dragged into the plot due to the influence their father had over them. Unfortunately, 6 innocent lives were lost due to their actions. Good book.
I really got caught up in the story told in this book! It is a very realistic, "no holds barred" description of the horrific events tied to the escape of Gary Tison, the subsequent brutal murders, and ultimately the bloody shoot out at the final attempt to recapture the gang. It is a very "fact-filled" account, but at times gets a little bogged down in some of the background of Gary's life prior to the escape. I'm not sure why this happens, but I can't believe how many spelling errors there are in this book! It's almost like the auto-correct feature in the author's computer went overboard at times . . . it's almost like this book went to press without being edited! But, these are minor flaws when compared to the overall engrossing story telling in this book!
much better than the movie, very engrossing read, felt so bad for the victims, but a very captivating story of Gary Tison and his family and the horrific crime spree they committed after his boys broke him out of prison,truly a sociopath.
I lived in Yuma, just two streets from the Lyons family when this happened. We all were living in such fear because they were spotted everywhere and were nowhere. This book was well written and brought back many of the emotions from that time.
This book has more information then I relized it would have. Anyone that lived in Arizona in the late 70's remembers this prison escape. What people do not know is the corruption in the prisons at that time. Corruption of organized crime, that led to the car bombing of Arizona Repiblic reporter Don Bolles, because he was doing a story in the paper about organized crime. This escape should not have happened, it cost a whole family there lives, including a little baby. I was about 13 years old when this happened. One of the things I remember was, my father was on his way back from Flagstaff Arizona. They had a road block looking for the fugitives, they stopped my father and searched his motor home. I've worked at a prison for about 3 1/2 years. Every unit at the prison was named after an officer who died in the line of duty. I did not know at the time I worked at the prison, but one of those officers was killed at the hands of Gary Tison, during another prison escape, in 1972. This was a bad family, and to think the wife knew her boys were planning on breaking out there father in 1978 makes me sick to my stoamach. Great book, if you can handle the truth about what happens behind prison walls. And how convicted killers are able to escape. I also have the movie. In the movie it has the wife/mother, not knowing about the prison escape. The book sheds a different light on what happened.
Good book. If yiou are into this kind of stuff.The movie they made by the same name is pretty good too. I wish I could find it on DVD. I was very satisfied with the book.
What a fantastic story. And I live in southern Arizona...