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by Professor Richard Pipes

Edited and introduced by an eminent Russian scholar, a collection of newly released documents from Russia's Lenin archive and dating from 1886 to the end of Lenin's life exposes him as an utterly ruthless and manipulative leader. UP.
Download The Unknown Lenin: From the Secret Archive (Annals of Communism Series) epub
ISBN: 0300069197
ISBN13: 978-0300069198
Category: Biographies
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Author: Professor Richard Pipes
Language: English
Publisher: Yale University Press (September 25, 1996)
Pages: 204 pages
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Rating: 4.7
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Cuts through the mythology that surrounds the persona of Lenin. Although he is still hallowed by many on the far left, he is merely one more in a long line of power hungry corrupt leaders who gained power by being more ruthless and cunning than those around him. For truly this is how the communist system works, no matter what the far left says of the idealized version of communism. Unless you have a population consisting of all saints, the most ruthless and manipulative will rise to the top.
The best thing about this book are the explanations written by Pipes that inserted before verbatim translations of archival material. Otherwise, it's boring. Still, Mister Pipes deserves credit for unearthing all of it. It turns out Lenin was a miniature Stalin.
Provides a good look into the personality of a mass killer and probable megalomaniac.
While this is a slender volume, it provides very important documentary evidence of what had been hinted at and alluded to previously. The criminal nature of the Soviet Union can no longer be explained away as a corruption by Stalin of the pure and noble ideology of Lenin. The documents provided here clearly demonstrate Lenin's criminality and his role in building the terror state that was the USSR.
Dr. Richard Pipes, a great scholar on Soviet history, has done a great service for us in putting this material together so concisely and powerfully. It is another important volume in the Annals of Communism series that I cannot praise enough.
Dr. Pipes provides an introduction and a biographical sketch of Lenin, a few pictures, commentary on the importance of each document. The documents themselves are often excerpts while many are presented in full translation. There are a couple of them also provided in the original by a photograph of the actual document.
This is a vital book in understanding the origins of the Soviet Union and the nature of the relationships among the founders of what led to so many horrors and so many deaths.
It is must reading for anyone who still believes Lenin was a good man. The truth is harder, but it is better than being misinformed.
no sensational uncovering. Mostly expressions of wrath. Ulianof was a coleric man prompt to bursts of ire. I was hoping for serious, historically relevant, hidden information. Do not waste your money buying this pamphlet.
This book uncovers the true side of Vladimir Lenin and at the same time the book proves that very few was known about Lenin. Historians usually tend to focus more on Stalin as the totalitarian man in Russian history, however Lenin was the man who set all the patterns of totalitarism in the 20 th century. The documents in the book show the different facets of Lenin's life. Lenin is shown as the political ganster who trade the gold of churches in Europe without any care for his country's famine. Lenin is also shown as the criminal who murdered and repressed sectors of the population to set an example among the population. In particular I think the book provides a good source to use for a future biography of Lenin.
This book shows genuine documents, notes and other documents signed or sent to Lenin through out his life. This book is a good starting place for any history student doing a biographical essay of Lenin's life. Lenin is portrayed here as he really was. The documents show Lenin, ordering mass executions, conspirations and many other acts of terror which truly award him as the genuine creator of 'totalitarism'in the 20th century. Through the documents in the book one can see the pattern from which future communist and nazi dictators adopted Lenin's model of a totalitarian regime. After reading the book one can truly say that either Hitler, Stalin, Castro and many other dictators were only followers of Lenin's model of a totalitarian regime (in the domestic sphere and in the international area as well).