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by Ian Halperin

In late December 2008, Ian Halperin told the world that Michael Jackson had only six months to live. His investigations into Jackson's failing health made headlines around the globe. Six months later, the King of Pop was dead. Whatever the final autopsy results reveal, it was greed that killed Michael Jackson. Friends and associates paint a tragic picture of the last years and days of his life as Jackson made desperate attempts to prepare for the planned concert series at London's 02 Arena in July 2009. These shows would have earned millions for the singer and his entourage, but he could never have completed them, not mentally, and not physically. Michael knew it and his advisors knew it. Anyone who caught even a fleeting glimpse of the frail old man hiding beneath the costumes and cosmetics would have understood that the London tour was madness. Why did it happen this way? After an intense five year investigation, New York Times bestselling author Ian Halperin uncovers the real story of Michael Jackson's final years, a suspenseful and surprising thriller.
Download Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson epub
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I read this book and Michael Jackson Conspiracy by Aphrodite Jones around the same time. It was right after Michael Jackson's passing last year that made me want to read more about Michael Jackson. I wanted some answers, so I went looking for them.

I saw Ian Halperin on one of the morning shows and decided to get his book when it came out. Along with Aphrodite Jones' book, I re-read this shortly after the one-year anniversary of Michael's death. I know that this book received a lot of bad reviews. Going through this book, I know that there are parts that are truthful, as they match what Aphrodite Jones had said in her book. Ian Halperin, much like Ms. Jones, was convinced with Michael Jackson's guilt in the sexual molestation charges. He was out to prove this, and in the int-rum, he found that he was thinking Michael Jackson was innocent and framed. I'll give the author credit for admitting this.

However, the book still has enough "sensationalism" to try to sell books. This came out right after Michael Jackson's death. The claim on the book, The Final Years of Michael Jackson, is a bit misleading, however. There was very little about the controversy surrounding Michael's death. A bulk of this book centered around, like Ms. Jones' book, the sexual molestation charges and other "sensational" inquiries. Mr. Halpern felt the public needed to read about Michael's ever-changing skin color, his plastic surgery, and most explosively, his sexual orientation. Those parts of the books are what angered most long-time Jackson fans and supporters.

What I found bothersome about the author is his shady manner in trying to get his stories. Maybe lying and disguising yourself to get into the "inner circle" of your subject is typical of journalists. Someone who has to resort to such tactics makes me feel as though he cannot be totally trusted on the subject that he is reporting about.

I did find two positive things that happened as a result of this book. The first was the part of the book that went into Michael Jackson's marriage to Lisa Marie Presley and the Scientology connection. I can say that this book, after reading it last year for the first time, prompted my desire to read anything I could get my hands on regarding the twisted cult of Scientology. This also prompted me to further research religious cults in general, but Scientology I find the most fascinating and dangerous.

The second is that I had decided to check out Ian Hapern's two books on the death of Kurt Cobian: What Killed Kurt Cobain and Love & Death. I can say that What Killed Kurt Cobain (Love & Death is pretty much the same book with slight updates) is a much more intriguing read than this book is.

So, if you're looking for specks of truth in some sensationalism, then this is the book for you. Otherwise, you can join me in my search to find accounts based on reality.
A very detailed expose of Michael Jackson's trials and tribulations throughout the illustrious career of this terribly talented but extremely troubled man-child. There is much emphasis on his alleged underaged interactions with young boys. There is very little coverage of his last few days. It's only summed up at book's end. Overall it is an interesting and compassionate view of "The King of Pop"!
Ian Halperin is a Hollywood gossip blogger who correctly predicted almost to the day that Michael Jackson had six months to live. Gossip and juicy rumors are to be expected in a book written by Halperin but, at least, the author is critical enough in his analysis to dismiss some of the more outrageous claims as lacking credibility although he does seem to accept others that seem equally suspicious. This review is on the audiobook read by Richard Allen. Allen has a wonderful smooth voice that he changes when reading dialogue (feminizing his voice when quoting Jackson). There is a little sarcasm in his voice at times though, especially when he says the often-used term "special friends." Dialogue is a little tedious to listen to as names are giving each time a speaker changes even if it is just to make an insignificant one-word comment (editing the dialogue or paraphrasing it would have been better for the audio version). The audio book is on eight discs in a binder style case.

Halperin claims to have started his Jackson investigation because he was angry at MJ's 2005 acquittal in the child molestation trial. Convinced of his guilt due to the stories he heard from Hollywood gossip mongers, Halperin believed MJ got off like OJ. His intent was to create a documentary to prove MJ's guilt; however, the results of his research brought Halperin to the opposite conclusion. In coming to this conclusion, Halperin rehashes a lot of stories that MJ's fans have probably read before. The Jordan Chandler case is described in great detail. Halperin especially examines the motives of Jordy's father who used sodium amytal on his son to get him to "admit" to MJ's wrong-doings (Disc 2, Track 7). A seemingly endless list of ridiculous accusations made by MJ's servants (i.e. he was too lazy to use the restroom--that is just stupid) are mentioned. Halperin does not believe they hold any credibility though he chooses to site them anyway. The author did speak with a few of MJ's "special friends" (kids who stayed with MJ at Neverland) which gives his book at least some fresh investigative quality. Halperin concludes that it was MJ's insurance company that spearheaded the settlement with the Chandlers.

Television appearances that most MJ fans have already seen many times are discussed including some dialogue of the interview of MJ and wife at the time Lisa Marie Presley with Diane Sawyer and the controversial "Living With Michael Jackson" BBC documentary. This reviewer was intrigued by the connection between the marriage to Presley and the Church of Scientology (Disc 5). The Church, according to the author, has a history of "curing" actors of homosexuality. This revelation opens the door to Halperin's insistence that MJ was gay. He even claims that, when meeting Jackson, the pop star hit on him by staring into his blue eyes (give me a break). He discusses the usual MJ topics like plastic surgery, the unusual situation with his children, and drug use. He offers an easy explanation for the Berlin baby dangling incident--MJ was high. The Arvizo trial is also discussed including the lack of credibility of Gavin Arvizo's mother. Finally, on Disc 8, Halperin talks about what this reviewer was waiting for all along: MJ's failing health near the time of his death.

Some of "Unmasked," though, seems like the author is promoting himself. He discusses his research of the Kurt Cobain death and how Courtney Love's attorney offered him a music contract (he's a saxophone player) to keep quiet. Investigating undercover, he got work as a model (he must be really hot, right?). He was "the only journalist to successfully infiltrate the Church of Scientology" (Disc 5, Track 6). He likes to drop names as well. His friendship with Eva Gardner is significant because it helped in his meeting with MJ, but his story about becoming friends with Liza Minnelli seems unnecessary. She did not reveal any useful information and all it seems to do is show how cool Halperin was smoking a joint with Minnelli and her fellow dancers. Then, of course, his seems eager to mention MJ flirted with him.

The book was obviously rushed to get out as quickly as possible in the wake of Jackson's death. Just as "Unmasked" was at its most interesting with a discussion of Jackson's sickly condition (perhaps it was the medication that allowed him to perform in the rehearsals for his London shows) and the insistence of 50 concerts by his creditors and advisers (even people connected to the nation of Islam) who wanted the money the shows would generate, the book ends. This reviewer believes this audiobook needs a Disc 9 to examine MJ's final day. It was a disappointment. If the mask was removed, it revealed nothing.
It was written from a cool, objective visual angle. There are lots of backgrounds that helped to know MJ indirectly. But, some of them, I don't believe. Generally, the book gives me an impression that MJ is innocently abnormal, the guy needs help.
To be frankly,I don't think the author truly, completely understands MJ.
His songs, touching souls, explain everything. The way, both animals and children (the majority of whom never lie) interact with MJ was full of peace and happyness. What else do you need to prove that he is harmless?
It is tragic that people are inclined to repulse difference, the "abnormals". By the way, who is normal? Who is hundred percent normal? me? or, God? How can we ask other person to be "perfect" when we are not ourselves? It is not fair.
It is even more tragic that sometimes people use ethic as a weapon just for money, even though this behavior itself is against ethics already. "If you can not beat him down in the face then do it on his back", what a clever idea. Yes, ethic is a cheap, efficient and easy handling weapon, even a child can handle it, as long as he is brave enough to sell his soul and to be tortured for the rest of his life.
We shouldn't have ruined the present god gave us. A world without magic sucks.