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by Shawn Levy

For the first time, the full story of what happened when Frank Sinatra brought his best pals to party in a land called Vegas.January 1960. Las Vegas is at its smooth, cool peak. The Strip is a jet-age theme park, and the greatest singer in the history of American popular music summons a group of friends there to make a movie.One is an insouciant singer of Italian songs, ex-partner to the most popular film comedian of the day. One is a short, black, Jewish, one-eyed, singing, dancing wonder. One is an upper-crust British pretty boy turned degenerate B-movie actor, brother-in-law to an ascendant politician. And one is a stiff-shouldered comic with the quintessential Borscht Belt emcee's knack for needling one-liners.The architectonically sleek marquee of the Sands Hotel announces their presence simply by listing their names: FRANK SINATRA.DEAN MARTIN.SAMMY DAVIS, JR.PETER LAWFORD.JOEY BISHOP.Around them an entire cast gathers: actors, comics, singers, songwriters, gangsters, politicians, and women, as well as thousands of starstruck everyday folks who fork over pocketfuls of money for the privilege of basking in their presence. They call themselves The Clan. But to an awed world, they are known as The Rat Pack.They had it all. Fame. Gorgeous women. A fabulous playground of a city and all the money in the world. The backing of fearsome crime lords and the blessing of the President of the United States. But the dark side--over the thin line between pleasure and debauchery, between swinging self-confidence and brutal arrogance--took its toll. In four years, their great ride was over, and showbiz was never the same.Acclaimed Jerry Lewis biographer Shawn Levy has written a dazzling portrait of a time when neon brightness cast sordid shadows. It was Frank's World, and we just lived in it.
Download Rat Pack Confidential epub
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Author: Shawn Levy
Language: English
Publisher: Doubleday (April 13, 1998)
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I did like it, it was a very good reading.There is a lot of information, details and very good point of view from the author, which seems impartial. However it's not a linear book , the ideas and informations come and go in a very chaotic way. The author tells about Frank and then skip to Peter Lawford and so on. There is a mix of periods, for instance , the author talks about 1950 events and then goes to the sixties and back to fifties , this is very confusing. But all in all,it worth your time, is a very good read, if you pay attention
When I downloaded this book, I thought I would get a fun look at some “swingin’ cats.” This excellent book delivers that and SO much more. It’s a fascinating history of a distinct period and provides a great look at the history of Las Vegas, the Kennedys, organized crime, and a cast of characters beyond the Rat Pack. It’s a fun read that is also very informative, and even the Kindle edition includes some great photos. I highly recommend it!
I, like everybody over 70 years old, followed the days of the Rat Pack as it progressed through the evolution of Hollywood and Las Vegas. This book gave me information and insight that was not available to me at the time these artists were at their peak. It did confirm that Frank was indeed the overbearing individual I always thought he was as well as proving the relaxed demeanor of Dean. The biggest surprise was the truth about Peter Lawford. Whether you lived through their height of popularity at the time or came upon them later by way of their reputation you will enjoy reading how life was for the rich and famous. And I still enjoy the You Tube videos of Dean in his unrehearsed skits with other famous performers and dignitaries.
Frankly speaking, no pun intended, I did not like this book. I threw it away about 1/2 into it - because I had not read a single thing that was new about members of the Rat Pack. Maybe I've lived too long and read too much about them already.
Funny duck
Another interesting expose' of what Americans call the Entertainment World. An era selected to dissect and perhaps to evaluate, to review, to compare with other times. A chance to explore why some choose a way of life that many find disgusting. The writer pulls a section of time and place to showcase and does it very thoroughly. Other writers do the same with the Roman Forum, Madison Avenue, historical conquerors of varied genres and so for those who lived in the Rat Packs' generation this book will perhaps fill in gaps in information that they will find enlightening. A well written investigative report on the Rat Pack.
This is a great story, not only of the individual members of the Rat Pack, but of Las Vegas and its colorful characters, and the period of history in which the story is set. Although much has been written in greater detail about the same subjects, this book gives a good summary of their life and times and the influence they had not only in show business but as pop culture icons.
Great read, especially for those of us baby boomers. We listened to our parents music and graduated to our own rock and roll style of music. Whenever I was to relax though, I put on a Sinatra disk. He was the one and only Chairman of the Board. And there will never be another.
A look inside this time recollects a lot of not just culture, but history. A time capsule of decadence and debauchery which objectively seems really pathetic but tremendously interesting and worth reading about. Reminds me of the old proverb " what profits a man ...... "