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Roman by Polanski
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ISBN: 0434591807
ISBN13: 978-0434591800
Category: Biographies
Subcategory: Arts & Literature
Language: English
Publisher: WILLIAM HEINEMANN; 1st Edition edition (1984)
Pages: 384 pages
ePUB size: 1127 kb
FB2 size: 1504 kb
Rating: 4.9
Votes: 363
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A really great reading pleasure ! If you want to know in detail and in a very well written prose about the first fifty years of Mr. Polanski's work and incredible life full of peaks and tragedies, this is for you to read.
Great experience. Thank You!
A good read. Lots of Hollywood stories and an insight into a very talent, semi-amoral man. Easy reading.
Fantastic autobiography.
Hearing about what happened with Polanski from his own pen is fantastic. I don't know why it took me so many years to purchase this after having read countless biographies and interviews from others. Probably because it is outdated at this point, but it still recounts his thoughts and feelings from events that we all are familiar with.

I read this and the recent book by Samantha Geimer back to back, which was a really good and interesting choice. Many people will pick apart details from each person and compare them, but from what I can gather their stories pretty much line up. I won't get into a debate about it or take sides but it was a mistake all around. Bad things happened. But both parties seem honest about what's happened and seem to have been able to move on.

It was nice to hear Roman's words and thoughts about what happened. We can consider them as full truths as most of these statements and facts have been confirmed.

Roman has had quite a life. Great to hear stories from his childhood, and early beginnings in the film industry. The move to LA and the brief moments with Sharon. The affair of course.. or should I say affairs?

I knew a lot about Roman previously, but still this book shone a new light on the director that I so admire. Film geeks will especially appreciate portions of this book, as he details his headaches with the studio and how projects get prolonged. i.e., Pirates. Great, great insight into this guy and definitely worth a read for Roman fans and memoir lovers alike.
Skunk Black
If you love Roman Polanski's movies, than this book will definately spark your interest. You will get to know Roman in depth and you will have a naturalistic view on his life and how he has led it. He could of been an even bigger celebrity with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame had not what he did with that 13 year old girl. He is banned from coming to the US, he can't even step foot out of France because if he does he wll be extradited back here. It has been over 40 years since that incident, I believe that everyone makes mistakes and that he should be given a pardon and a second chance for coming back here. Besides, even the 13 year old girl he was with now forgives him. We need to see some great pictures again here in the US. We have to many end-of-the-world pictures being made, and also to many sequels as well. It's because Hollywood is running out of ideas, they need someone fresh. Roman Polanski is 79 years old today, he still makes movies but not everyone in the US gets to see them. Bring Roman back and let us bring back the age of movies where there isn't all that computer generated crap. I wan't to see a good old fashioned movie being made, and Polanski is the one to do it. The book was written in the 80's, it's a little outdated but worth the read if your a Polanski fan.
I love this book
I lost my copy of this book years ago and am so glad to have it back. Anyone who admires Polanski's work will love this book. Anyone who questions Polanski's love of life, Sharon, and the World he lives in should read this book. You will understand him in a whole new light. He's amazing. Read this before any other about him. Please!!!!!!