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Download Her Mother's Daughter: A Memoir of the Mother I Never Knew and of My Daughter, Courtney Love epub

by Linda Carroll

The daughter of esteemed writer Paula Fox and the mother of Courtney Love relates “the curse of the first-born daughter” that has haunted four generations of her family

As an adopted child, Linda Carroll created a magical world of her own, made up of dramatic adventures and the abiding fantasy that her real mother would come and take her away. When she finds herself pregnant at the age of eighteen, she is determined to have the perfect understanding with her child that she lacked with her adoptive mother. But readers will know better, for that baby grows up to be Courtney Love, desperately attention-seeking, deeply troubled, and one of the most talented women in rock.Even as a baby, Courtney is beset by mood swings that no doctor can explain or cure. Her dark moods and paranoia escalate as she grows up, driving mother and daughter apart. When Courtney has a daughter of her own, Linda finally decides to find her own biological mother, and end the estrangement of generations of first-born daughters. Her Mother’s Daughter is Linda Carroll’s story of self-discovery as an adopted daughter, a childlike hippie mother, and a woman determined to find herself before finding her roots. Set apart from the typical celebrity memoir by Carroll’s gifted storytelling, Her Mother’s Daughter gives a fresh perspective on the elusive yet enduring connections between mothers and daughters, and reveals the true history of the wildly confabulatory Courtney Love.

Download Her Mother's Daughter: A Memoir of the Mother I Never Knew and of My Daughter, Courtney Love epub
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Author: Linda Carroll
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Publisher: Broadway Books (January 9, 2007)
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A very, very intimate and honest memoir. So many mistakes in her life; so much bewilderment! Linda Carroll seems to see herself as one of a series of nested mother-daughter Russian dolls. Great metaphor! This unique individual tells her story in a way that is so raw and exposed that you feel as though you are experiencing her life through her eyes and heart. The subtitle is correct in that Linda's story involves a hellish struggle with her firstborn daughter, but her publisher insisted on exploiting her daughter's fame over Linda's objection. But ignore the subtitle, as the title "Her Mother's Daughter" captures a repeating theme of mother-daughter relationships. Who are we, really? The product of our mother's upbringing? Of our birthmother's genetic gifts? And are *our* daughters' fates solely in our hands and responsibility? This book struck a primal chord to me, also an adoptee, but with a different story. Please don't be misdirected by the subtitle of this book; this is Linda's story, which is well worth reading!
I bought the book after reading an interview Linda gave in Psychology Today called Tortured Love. I tore the article out to share with a fellow therapist at work because it dealt with family's perspective and issues regarding one family member's severe mental illness and its effect on everyone. Linda seemed to question the concept of closure and it was suggested bearing witness was the more accurate way to describe the role of family members in these situations, which I tend to agree with. The article mentioned Linda's book about her own life and search for her natural mother. The book also dealt with the heartbreak of dealing with a child who at an early age demonstrates signs of significant mental illness. The book was a quick read and explored how repeating the same questionable behavior results in less than perfect outcomes; until we finally address the source of what is behind the poor decisions in the first place. Although Linda is herself a therapist, the book is written in a personal way about how Linda came to terms with the role her past played through out her life and how she has come to bear witness in regard to her daughter, Courtney Love, and her struggle with mental illness.
If you understand the underbelly of what is going on here, this memoir would really take a life of it's own. You need to read David McGowans "Laurel Canyon" (online not in book form) to get a grasp of the _ _ _'s invovlement in The West Coast hippie culture and entertainment industry. Then you have to read several books on MK-Ultra (secret experiments conducted by _ _ _ (trauma based mind control), and it's role in the entertainment industry). Brice Taylor's Thanks for the Memories or Fritz Springmeiers "How to Create an Undetected Mind Controlled Slave". Look at the generational history of the family. Only then will you get the gist of what is going on here.

I'm taken back that Linda Carroll doesn't understand that the rage her daughter exhibited is a sign of severe sexual abuse and trauma. Also a child drawing pictures of bloody dismembered bodies strongly points to ritual abuse, which just falls in line with the above readings. I feel very bad for all of them but most for Courtney. Very sad. Linda Carroll is a psychologist?? Amazed that not a single psychologist that she took her daughter to mentioned trauma??? Really makes you wonder what is going on here???
Mr Freeman
I expected this one to be similar to Deborah Spungeon's "and I don't want to live this life," given the numerous comparisons between Nancy Spungeon and Linda Carroll's daughter, Courtney Love. Parenting is an obvious theme as the title implies, although Carroll's most famous child is not the primary focus. That said, "her mother's daughter" discussed this author's daughter as less of a nightmare child right out the womb, and discusses more about Love as a babe with complex wiring that Carroll felt she had fallen short of being able to address as a mother. Carroll's insecurities and feelings of isolation and insecurity are the prevailing theme of the book, not her daughter's antics or celebrity. "Her mother's daughter" differs from "And I don't want to live this life" in that it focuses primarily on Carroll's own complexities as a mother and daughter of both her adoptive parents and mysterious birth mother, rather than being a book about the struggles with a nightmare of a parenting experience.
Although this is written by Courtney Love's mother, it is a rich and engaging memoir that is so much more than about Courtney Love. Linda Carroll writes about her life, starting with growing up with adoptive parents and their complicated relationship. It moves on through her childhood, teen years and her marriages and her children, including her relationship with Courtney. She also, meets her birth mother, but I won't ruin the surprise. Her life is interesting, the book is compelling and the mother daughter themes throughout the book are powerful. I enjoyed this book on many levels.