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by Marie Osmond

For beloved superstar Marie Osmond, one gift that her mother gave her stands above the rest: the gift to trust and follow her heart. Even when the path seemed bleak, it was this unwavering faith that allowed her to follow her dreams, both professional and personal, and survive the hardest times in her life. In an age when most women work outside the home—and nearly a third of women raise their children alone—being a mother is no easy task. No one knows that better than Marie, who has been an entertainer for forty-eight years and a mother for thirty. She, like so many women out there, has struggled through years of being a single parent and a working parent, while juggling the need to be there for her children and still be there for her other “family,” the multitude of fans and followers who look up to her. Through it all, Marie has turned to the person who helped her at every stage of her life and her career: her mother. Drawing on the wisdom that Olive Osmond imparted over the years, Marie weaves a rich, touching, and honest memoir about her life offstage and off-camera, where she took on her most important role: motherhood. Through personal delights, dreams, downturns, and devastating tragedy, Marie offers insights on creating a strong family, raising happy and independent children, and, especially, moving forward when it seems impossible to do so.
Download The Key Is Love: My Mother's Wisdom, A Daughter's Gratitude epub
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Author: Marie Osmond
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I found this book to be an excellent read right from the first page. The Osmond's are incredible people. I only wish I had read this book when my own children were small so that I could have applied some of Mrs. Osmond's (and Marie's) lessons. The book is very touching, very funny, sad, and emotional, all rolled together. I would highly recommend this book to all. I am giving copies to each of my four daughters. Thank you for a great book, Marie. I'm sure it was not easy to write about so many of your personal experiences. You did so in such a way that I truly felt your pain at times, and your excitement at others. You have so many talents that are indescribable. What a great lady you are. Mr. and Mrs. Osmond are surely smiling down on you and your precious family.
Marie's stories come from her heart and go straight to mine. I admire her strong sense of God and family. This story, along with her others, were wonderful. Can't wait for the next one.
My Mom wanted me to let everyone know that you won't be able to put the book down it is that good. You would also need to have a box of Kleenex with you cause some areas you will cry especially about her dearly departed son.
I am a Marie fan so of course I bought this. It was a disappointment. I loved her first book Behind the Smile. The second book about laughter was obviously thrown together for a quick sale without any depth. This one falls in between the two. Not much to it. It isn't right that she implies that Brian Blosil is a villain yet she never gives any insight to it at all. Why did she divorce him? Why did her children not want his name? If you imply someone is evil you should back it up or not mention it. I feel Donny was much more candid
when writing his book and Marie just glosses over her imperfections.
I've read "You Might as well Laugh about it now" by Marie Osmond. This book was different. It was funny, but more revealing of Marie's private life, thoughts. The book has quotes that Olive Osmond had in her journals. You get the feeling that the these journals and the strength of her mother's memory and her family is what got Marie through the last few years after her son's tragic death. She talks more in this book about her personal relationship with each child. It is without a doubt how much she loves her children. She has 8 children and she talks about her different parenting styles between the older and younger 4 children. The book has a lot of sadness. Marie seems different in this book, forever changed by the death of one of her children. She however does not feel sorry for herself, she has become stronger and wiser and more at peace. She questions some of her choices in her life and you can tell she knows of her mistakes and has tried to grow from that.
The book is spiritual and has some bible passages. She doesn't talk about her divorce or ex husband, she mentions that some things have been left out to protect the privacy of her children. But there is a lot in this book and it is really good. I would recommend it highly.
this book is very inspiring and very interesting and it also shows how professional people have every day problems just like any one else and since they are the ones in the spotlight its a lot harder on them they always getting judged when their kids hit bottom and it they don't show up for a show due to a family problem they get threated to be sued so they fill their commitment and their families is the one who really suffers marie took a lot from the press and the press needs to but out and let these professionals deal with whats going on in their lives on their own marie also got criticize from her fans for putting her job first ok fans she can have both ways the osond fans loves them and they are there for the shows so when personal things come ups lets give them their space that's a true friend and fans would do it is a must read very strong lady and inspiring
I find myself going back and reading pages that i already read because of the insight that Marie and her mom have had. I can relate to a lot of Marie's family issues especially raising her older daughter. Her words have helped me. Still reading the book and loving it! The Osmonds are a very rare and talented gifted family and always act so happy even though they have had issues like the rest of us. The great thing is that Marie learned from her mother as she has grown as she is raising is raising her own children. Her parents are looking down on her and I am very sure they are very proud.
Raising a strong family with firm ideals is difficult to say the least. However, Marie Osmond showed how her mother loved her family; was able to be in tune with the needs of each child and husband; taught them the value of hard work; and so many other values that have helped the family be a strength and example to society. Olive Osmond was committed to her family. Their lives show how they honor her. More mothers, especially young mothers, need to read this book.