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Download Compassion: The Key to Great Awakening: Thought Training and the Bodhisattva Practices epub

by Geshe Gyeltsen

A venerable monk draws on two classic texts of his own Tibetian Buddhist tradition to motivate us toward greater compassion and caring.
Download Compassion: The Key to Great Awakening: Thought Training and the Bodhisattva Practices epub
ISBN: 0861711254
ISBN13: 978-0861711253
Category: Bibles
Subcategory: Worship & Devotion
Author: Geshe Gyeltsen
Language: English
Publisher: Wisdom Publications (September 25, 1997)
Pages: 159 pages
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Rating: 4.9
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I once saw the author speak. He is incredible. He emanates love. And this
book is something that you should own. He describes the eight thought trainings
and the thirty-seven Bodhisattva Practices. I so much wanted him to be my teacher. But he moved from Los Angeles to Long Beach. He is a true gentleman and a man of great character. The first 24 pages of this book discusses the preliminaries to practice. The inference is that you will need a teacher. But even if you don't, hearing
the words of this Spiritual Master can be good. Thinking about them. And maybe
meditating on them. For there is "lama-flypaper." That means that if you practice what is stated here, you can attract a lama of some kind. Perhaps a teacher.
Maybe more books for the time being. Then maybe friends of a lama. Yes. It can
happen to you if you behave yourself. On page 88, Geshe-la talks about four
qualities of a true spiritual practitioner. I just love this part because I don't have one! Buy this book and read it. This is a lovely man.
And he speaks the dharma with great clarity and simplicity. With both love
and gentleness, he just goes straight to the matter. Just like that. See?
Just like that. Very gentle. Very firm. Very on target. Thank you.
Since I have a background in Hindu philosophy, I am familiar with many of the Sanskrit terms used here. The concepts of Dharma and Karma were not that difficult to grasp but really hold a lot of depth that one has to ponder on.
I praise the author for being able to explain complex ideas in easy to take doses. I found this 8 verses to be the most eye-opening and powerful teachings.
I highly recommend this book if you are really searching for a greater awakening and towards leading a more compassionate life.
An exceptional collection, here are the contents:
1) (introduction) Preparing for mind training, 24 pages of wise, insightful guidance
2) Eight Verses On Thoughtful Training, 2 pages, with 18 pages of illuminating commentary
3) Thirty-seven Bodhisattva Practices, 8 pages, with 57 pages of illuminating commentary
4) 4 pages of Questions and Answers
5) 9 pages on Ton Leng practice
6) Outline of the verses (of sections #2 and #3)
7) 7 page glossary

I enjoyed the thoughtful introduction that discusses the path of awakening and the levels of attainment as living and vulnerable processes. I already knew that enlightenment can be very temporary if one is not alertly aware of the nature of awareness, not appreciative of mind training, mind suffering or such mind activities as attachments, hindrances, negative states of mind, etc. The commentaries show the wisdom and skill and experience of Geshe Tsultim Gyeltsen, the author of the commentaries.

Altogether, a very potent combination and one of the finer and most authentic spiritual books I've found. It blends very well with any book on the Seven Point Mind Training, the Way Of The Bodhisattva, The Tibetan Book of the Dead and the major sutras. Sometimes, just as with the Tao book by Lao-Tse, I find the original to be somewhat overly refined (to my North American, formed-in-the-20th-Century mind) and the commentaries let the message breath and come to life. So it is here. Highly recommended!
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