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by Michael Muller

An examination of the Catholic Church teaching: "outside of the Church there is no salvation."
Download The Catholic Dogma: "Extra Ecclesiam Nullus omnino Salvatur" epub
ISBN: 0978298519
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Category: Bibles
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Author: Michael Muller
Language: English
Publisher: Catholic Authors Press (March 1, 2007)
Pages: 304 pages
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This was one of my greatest finds. This book has most of the information that hasn't been taught in the Roman Catholic church since Vatican II. Information that proves the church was founded in fact by Jesus Christ. It also states emphatically "Outside the church there is no salvation." Difficult to believe but this quote came from Jesus himself, with scriptures to support.

In reading you understand that the church of Vatican II took a sharp left turn at Novous and Ordo. Oh what a shame, you also understand what the phrase "work out your salvation in fear and trembling" means. The Roman Catholic Church is not for the faint of heart. We must pick up our cross and follow Him.

The clergy in not preaching Dogma has rendered a great disservice to the flock of Jesus and they will pay for it with the loss of their immortal souls. I recommend anyone reading this review Get It, read it. Find a parish where the TRUTH is taught. More than likely it will not be a novous ordo church. I'll pray for you.

I have been a Roman Catholic for most of my 76 years. I became an atheist in the late 60's because I didn't recognize my church any longer. I came back in 1977 and searched religiously until I found a non novous ordo church in 2013. It is never too late. Get this book and read it. Seek the truth, it's between the covers of this book/
"Outside the Church There is No Salvation" is one of the most difficult dogmas of the Church for people to understand. Often, the dogma is twisted in such a way as to come to mean something perhaps overly rigid and opposed to charity, yet more often by far, especially recently, the dogma is rejected altogether as uncharitable. This book seeks to better explain the dogma and to answer some objections which existed in the time of the author, yet it still has much use for today.
Yet, I do not recommend this book for those seeking an introduction to this important dogma. It goes very much in depth beyond what the average layman (or even priest) needs to understand it. I give it a moderate rating because at times the author goes into a somewhat bitter tone in his polemical efforts against certain individuals. Also, much of it could have been condensed with no detraction from the potency of the arguments, as there were often repetitions of thought.
The material was clearly written and thought provoking. I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to increase their knowledge of the Catholic faith.
Pope Pius XII wrote in his encyclical Humani Generis that "Some reduce to a meaningless formula the necessity of belonging to the true Church in order to gain eternal salvation." In this work Fr. Michael Muller defends a strict (orthodox) interpretation of the dogma in its obvious and true sense against liberals who make the thrice infallibly defined dogma meaningless by explaining it away.

Ignorance does not save. What adult converts dread more than anything about converting to the Catholic Church is their first confession. This is so because those who have lived outside the Church without the graces that come from the sacraments and the graces that are received from Catholic prayers, inevitably fall into embarrassing mortal sins. There is no holiness outside the Church. Our Lady of Fatima revealed that without confession there is no salvation.

Any practicing Catholic should know that without receiving Holy Communion, without Confession, without the graces that are received from Catholic prayers, there would be no salvation. If someone receives Holy Communion every week and confesses their sins regularly and yet thinks that someone outside the Church who never receives the body and blood of our Saviour, nor ever confesses their sins, is equally on the narrow path to saving their soul, they are delusional and have no understanding or appreciation for the sacraments and the Catholic Church.
This book is great! Fr. Muller argues convincingly that the stricter interpretation of EENS is more in line with Tradition, and the modern idea is the product of liberalsm, which is dangerous because it doesn't always contradict the dogma completely but it undermines it, contributing to religious indifferentism (it reads almost like written today). If you want some clarity on this issue (No Salvation Outside The Church) pick up this book.