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by Noelle Marchand

Kate O'Brien can't believe her ears. She's been married, by proxy, to a man she's never met, thanks to her young siblings' meddling! Kate offers her "groom" room and board at her farm until the annulment is granted—nothing more. After all, what else could this predicament be but a blunder that needs fixing?Nathan Rutledge arrives on Kate's doorstep, seeking a fresh start—with a family that needs his help more than Kate will admit. The shadows in both their pasts will be no match for a bright new beginning. But first, he has to convince a woman frightened of love to throw caution to the Texas wind…
Download Unlawfully Wedded Bride (Love Inspired Historical) epub
ISBN: 037382890X
ISBN13: 978-0373828906
Category: Bibles
Subcategory: Literature & Fiction
Author: Noelle Marchand
Language: English
Publisher: Love Inspired Historicals; Original edition (October 11, 2011)
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Rating: 4.6
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Kate's brother and sister advertise for a husband for Kate with the help of a lady friend. Through a slight misunderstanding, Kate is married to Nathan through a proxy marriage without her knowledge. When he arrived at her home, the kids are at school and, although he introduces himself by name, she has no idea who he is. Kate has a hard time trusting anyone, especially God or a man, after the death of her parents and the deception of a man while she was still grieving. Nathan was falsely accused of murder before marrying Kate. He was found not guilty by a judge and jury, but the deceased man's brother still believed Nathan to be guilty and was out for revenge. The story is interesting and the love that slowly develops is sweet, but Kate's battle with distrust was a bit lengthy for me. I did enjoy her character. She is both feisty and caring. She quickly realized that Nathan can be trusted, but she still has a hard time trusting him. That's what bugged me just a bit. She believed in his innocence before he explained anything to her and she even trusted him to protect them and help them. She trusted him with the money that would pay the mortgage on the bank too, but she still struggled to trust him to want him to stay. That's the part that dragged on for me. Otherwise, the story was great.
Kate O'Brien has been struggling to take care of the farm and her brother and sister ever since her parents died. The bank is very close to repossessing her land. As if that's not enough to deal with now a man named Nathan Rutledge is at her door with a certificate that says they are husband and wife. Her young siblings and a friend in town only wanted to help her find love and help for the farm. Nathan only wanted a fresh start and Kate's ad for a husband seemed like the perfect solution. But Kate wants nothing to do with a marriage to Nathan. The problem is the judge that can grant an annulment is out of town and won't be back for a least a month. In the meantime Nathan moves into a cabin on the farm and somewhat takes charge. She learns day-by-day that Nathan is a good, Christian man. But Nathan also has a past that Kate doesn't know of. What will happen when the past rears it's ugly head? More importantly, what will happen when the judge finally returns to town?

This was a really fun and enjoyable story to read. You really can't help but fall in love with the characters. Especially the kids, they are such a hoot! I loved the steadfastness of Nathan and the way handled himself. The way he always encouraged Kate and the kids to turn to the Lord for help. Kate was a very spunky gal. But for all her spunk, she was afraid to accept help from anyone and trust did not come easy, if at all, but she was practical. Nathan was a great influence, although he didn't realize it was having any effect. I think that could be true for us as well. You never know how you influence someone for good or for bad. This was just a great, feel-good, type story. One that will take you away for a little while, to a different time and place and put a smile on your face. It had a little of everything in the story which kept it well rounded. At the end it made reference to a book coming out starring one of Kate's siblings. I look forward to seeing what happens next.
I really enjoyed this book, it's one of those you don't want to put down. It's a family read. There's the good guys and a bad one and it makes you hope for the good one to win and it keeps you guessing to the end who wins out. It's a clean language, no sex or raunchy parts in it. I will buy more of this writers books.
Kate cannot believe her ears when the handsome stranger named Nathan Rutledge shows up one day and announces that they are husband and wife, thanks to a proxy marriage. Her younger brother and sister admit that they advertised for a mail-order groom in her name and then orchestrated the proxy agreement which they tricked her into signing. She is determined to get an annulment but the clerk in the judge's office seems strangely inept and says he cannot remember how to fill out the necessary paperwork for an annulment and Nathan and Kate will just have to wait until the circuit judge comes back into town, in two months! But an awful lot can happen in two months.

I liked most of the people in this book from the meddling siblings, to the widow that helped draft the letters advertising for a groom, to the orphan boy who showed up one day and attempted to steal Nathan's horse. Of course there were also the people I did not like so well, like Mrs. Green and her daugther who set out to get Nathan to marry the daughter even though they knew he was still married to Kate, or like the bar owner who tried to force Kate into working as a barmaid (or worse) in his bar, to Jeremiah, the man who is stalking Nathan because he thinks Nathan killed his brother.

Actually, I'm not so sure I do dislike Jeremiah. He is just trying to get justice for his brother who he thinks was murdered and I can't really fault him for that. I just wish he had been sure of all the facts before he made such a concentrated effort to find and kill Nathan.

Ms. Marchand wrote a follow-up book about the meddling little sister, entitled A Texas-Made Match and a book about the meddling little brother, entitled The Runaway Bride. I would love to see her also give Jeremiah his own book. He has been unhappy for so long that I would like to see him have a "happily ever after" in his future. Actually, I think it might be fun to have a sort of "Taming of the Shrew" type book about Jeremiah who sets out to tame Mrs. Green's obnoxious daughter, who is, after all, actively searching for a husband. That would be an awesome book.

This book was not heavy reading but it seemed to have a more detailed story line and more fully developed characters than a lot of these little Love Inspired books. This was a sweet, wholesome love story and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.