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by Loree Lough

Lily London had been crushed when Max Sheridan left town to marry someone else. Years later, her heart leaped when he returned to Amarillo, Texas, to take over his motherâ? s diner. Now that she was old enough to do more than dream of becoming Mrs. Max Sheridan, she prayed he would see the woman sheâ? d become. Because this time, she was really in loveâ?¦ not just with Max but with his motherless four-year-old son, too! Yet despite the intense emotions that still sparked between them, Max refused to believe that a vibrant young woman like Lily was ready to take on the responsibilities of wifeâ?¦ and mother. Together, could they learn to trust in Godâ? s leadershipâ?¦ and in their love for one another?
Download An Accidental Mom (Accidental Blessings Series #2) (Love Inspired #225) epub
ISBN: 0373872321
ISBN13: 978-0373872329
Category: Bibles
Subcategory: Literature & Fiction
Author: Loree Lough
Language: English
Publisher: Steeple Hill (October 1, 2003)
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Rating: 4.4
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I just found Loree Loughs books and Accidental Mom was the second i read, Lone Wolf was the first. i like different type books and both of theses are very different, but she was able towrite them very well. she has lots of books out there and i plan on reading more. her books are very clean and sweet, Accidental Moms about a couple that should of gotten together years ago but because of age difference it didnt happen, all things in Gods time right.Through troubles lack of faith miss understandings God Moves up on Lillies life and brings her man back to town where he learns to let go and let God. i give this book a 5 star and recommend it highly
The second book in "Accidental Family" concentrates on Lilly London, who is Cammi's sister. Lilly had loved Maxwell Shereridan since she was 12 and he was 16 or 17. Max was now widowed and had a four year old son. He had come home after his mother "busted" her leg and needed him to take over her restaurant.

This was a very good book, especially the last 75 pages or so. I personally thought the author rushed through some parts. For instance, Nate needed hear surgery and there wasn't really much mention of it either time. she seemed to not know what to write so skipped over it or something.

The fact that a 17 year old was in love with a 12 year old was kind of strange. I must admit that bothered me a bit but since it's a story I can overlook that...It also bothered me a bit that Lilly had refused to date any man because she still held a candle up for Max, who had married and become a father. That's kind of weird. You'd think after awhile, she would have gotten over it. I'm not sure how healthy that was...

The drama in Chicago and everything afterward was wonderful! The only part I didn't like was what happened to Cammi. That was really sad, but I'm guessing the author used that to show Max the importance of faith. I LOVED Lilly's attitude in Max's car in Chicago. I laughed out loud when she said "Maxie..." THAT was priceless! I was really expecting Max to tell Lilly to chill out when they got to his house.

Anyways, it was a really good book. There were a few problems in it, but the ending was just wonderful1!!
Lily London had loved Max Sheridan ever since she was a seventh-grader and Max Sheridan was the senior star of the football team. Max had married someone else, though, and had left Amarillo, Texas. Now, several years later, Max has returned to help run his mother's diner while she recuperates from a broken leg, and Lily finds herself still in love with Max, and loving Max's little boy Nate, too. Max, however, had given up on his faith in God, and Lily longs to show Max that God is always there for him, through good times and bad. As obstacles come into their path, though, can Max and Lily find love with one another, or will they be torn apart once again?
This book was almost bipolar in nature. There was Lily, who was considered to be superhumanly kind and compassionate, almost to the point where she was a doormat, allowing everyone to walk on her. Even though people would say things to rile her, she'd just let it go and take it, instead of saying anything about it. The few times she actually stood up to someone bullying her, she felt guilty about it later. She was very weak-willed for most of the book. Then, suddenly, there was this transformation in her towards the end of the book, and she became a vengeful shrew-like person. It was like watching her dramatically change into someone completely new, and it was kind of weird.
Most of the book was spent trying to convince and cajole Max into becoming a Christian again, which got really repetitive and annoying after a while. I felt really sorry for him, trying to be guilted into becoming a Christian again. The author also had the tendency to introduce something into the plot, and then forget about it. For example, Max's son Nate had a prominent role in the first half of the book, but was barely even mentioned in the second half of the book. It was almost like Nate didn't exist. Another example is the guilt Max supposedly felt for his wife's suicide, and yet it was barely mentioned at all.
There was a glaring error in the book when Lily donated blood to Nate. Nate's blood was AB-, and Lily's blood was o+. Granted, I'm not a nurse yet, but I know that people who have negative blood cannot receive donations from someone with positive blood. Maybe most people wouldn't give that error a second glance, but honestly, if someone was given the wrong type of blood, the results could be disastrous. Also, Max also admitted in the book that he was in love with Lily when he used to live in Amarillo. The idea of an 18-year-old man being in love with a 12-year-old child made me VERY uncomfortable.
All of these pale in comparison to a lovely sentence found on page 212. The author said, in so many words, that if someone didn't trust Jesus, he or she can't be trusted as a person. I don't know what kind of fantasy world this book was supposed to be set in, but I know that this statement is patently false. The person I trust most in this world is an atheist, and I would trust him with my life and the life of my daughter. Just because someone is not of a particular religion does not make them untrustworthy, and to assume so is just plain wrong. This elitist and false comment got under my skin, big time. I could give no more than two stars for this book, and that was a stretch, to say the least.
Seventh grade child falls in love and for 15 years waits for the high school boy of her dreams while he leaves town, marries and has a son....that whole story line didn't work for me at all. I tried reading this book twice and neither time could I get father than the first few chapters because it was just too unrealistic! Maybe I've known too many 4 year olds, but I've never known one that would act and talk like the one in this story. So maybe finishing the book is key, but not for me.
Max Sheridan and his son Nate Sheridan moved back to Amarillo, Texas to take care of Max's mom because she broke her leg. Nate's mom died when he was still a baby, so he did not rember her at all. Nate prays for a mom every day. In Amarillo Nate and Max meet up with Lily London. When Nate becomes ill and goes into a coma Lily drives Max and Nate to the hospital. The doctors find a hole in Nate's heart, so they put a metal peice on his heart to cover the hole. Later on in the month the metal peice came lose and Nate went into a coma again. Lily drvies Nate and Max to the hospital, and stays with Max while Nate is in segeroy. Max and Lily fall in love. Will Lily's dream of becoming Lily Sheridan finaly come true?