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by Aimee Lily,Beverly Lewis

Separated from her beloved Jonas after he takes a six-month carpenter's apprenticeship in Ohio, Leah hopes that their relationship will endure but finds herself challenged by an unexpected test facing their families. Simultaneous.
Download The Betrayal (Abram’s Daughters) epub
ISBN: 0764228080
ISBN13: 978-0764228087
Category: Bibles
Subcategory: Literature & Fiction
Author: Aimee Lily,Beverly Lewis
Language: English
Publisher: Bethany House; Abridged edition (September 1, 2003)
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Rating: 4.5
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I have always found the Amish world fascinating -- perhaps they give us an idea what the lives of our ancestors (who lived without modern conveniences) were like -- or perhaps it is simply because they are mysterious because they separate themselves so completely from the rest of society. This book provides some insight (and I don't know how accurate it is) into what it would be like to grow up Amish. The book is set in the post WWII period, but I don't know to what extent life has changed among the Amish, who seem timeless in many ways.
The plot is worthy of Jane Austen -- seemingly not much happens, and yet a great deal happens, particularly given that women in this culture have their choice of very little except whether they choose to remain within the community by being baptized and then who (among the Amish) they marry. The main character, Leah, plans to be baptized and then marry her sweetheart Jonah, despite the fact that her father would prefer she marry another young man he has in mind. The only thing really troubling her (besides her sweetheart's temporary absence -- he's off learning carpentry) is her sister's explosive secret, which she has promised to keep from their parents. How can she be baptized with such a troubled conscience -- concealing something so important. Is it right to keep her word or break it? Meanwhile, her sister is trying to come to terms with this secret herself, in her own interior struggle.
If I had any complaints, it would be that the pace of the book is slow -- perhaps as slow as the lives of the plain Amish compared to the fancy English around them, the difference between driving a horse and buggy compared to driving a car. Still, the book was quite compelling and I can hardly wait to read the next volume in the series.
I am unable to go to book stores or movie places due to a terminal illness I have, and so I do my shopping online or my very busy family members have to do my shopping for me. I try to do as much as I can online for myself. I have used as well as other "well known retailers". These items came in great condition and much quicker than anticipated. Also I had ordered the other 4 books in this series from another website and they were much more expensive even at their "discounted" rate! Would much rather do business with In fact I am placing an order now!! Thanks for the low prices and great products!! As far as the book itself, Beverly Lewis is a fantastic author, I try to get as many of her books as I can, when I can afford them.
I have read the series Abrams daughters. They may seem odd to us who do not live the Amish, PLAIN, lifestyle, but for those who do, it is very REAL. The writing for all the books was superb, and I thouroughly enjoyed the plots and twist and turns. I have always enjoyed reading about Amish People, and wonder if I would have the strength that they have, day after day. Beverly Lewis is a gifted writer and this book is not full of 'fillers'. It seems true to the lifestyle, and the hurts, loves, and choices other people we may not be accustomed to- have to make...just like us.
I accidentally stumbled on to Beverly Lewis' novels a few years ago and suddenly found her again recently. Because we lived in Lancaster for 14 years and am quite familiar with the area AND the Amish people. Her novels take me back to that area (which I miss so much) and I just can't get enough of them! She has a group of books that are solely about Lancaster and I loved them all! She is a wonderful writer and I hope she writes more and more!
This is the 2nd book in the series, and plot events are not resolved. It seems as if Beverly Lewis is luring the reader to buy the next book. The book moves slowly. Nothing is resolved. Leah and Jonas's situation is beyond sad. They were somewhat faithless for people of faith. I am very disappointed in this series. I won't get the 3rd book.
This review is for all 5 of the Abram's daughter's series. This was a disappointment from Beverly Lewis, whose books I usually enjoy. I found this series to be like a soap opera. The cast of characters was too large, and hard to keep track of who's who. Almost everyone in the books were an antagonist to the main character, Leah. I understand a story needs some conflict to resolve, but it was not nice having the story be an entire conflict. There was no safe place to be, while facing conflict. It was hard to find a character to associate with. Every time I tried, the character would just make decisions I would never make, etc. All the families involved were totally dysfunctional. Stretching this story into 5 books was just too long. Many times I wanted to put the books down, but kept reading just to give a fair review having read it all. I would have to say the last book was the best, with captivating action that should have been presented in about the second book, without all the extra filler dysfunctional plot lines.
This second book in the series continues to develop the characters as well as the storyline. The complexity of the story as well as the attention to detail, keeps the reader glued to the book. Leah and her sister Sadie take such different paths in their teen years, and each of their lives are effected by those choices as well as the choices of each other. The research into the Amish community is spot on and the author uses those morals and customs to bring more depth into the story as we get an intimate look into each character's personality. This book kept my attention and I am already onto the next in the series.
This book holds unanswered questions, intercepted communication, and long-held secrets in a spellbinding story. Love and hate, sin and confession, truth and mistruth weave through this story, causing the reader to experience the gamut of emotions of love, sadness, pain, yet firm faith in the Almighty. A gripping tale. Excellently written.