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by Malcolm Muggeridge

In celebration of Mother Teresa's beatification in October of 2003, HarperOne is proud to present a new edition of the classic work that introduced Mother Teresa to the Western world. Something Beautiful for God interprets her life through her conversations with Malcolm Muggeridge, the quintessential worldly skeptic who experienced a remarkable conversion to Christianity because of her exemplary influence. He hails her as a "light which could never be extinguished."

Download Something Beautiful for God epub
ISBN: 0060660430
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Category: Bibles
Subcategory: Christian Living
Author: Malcolm Muggeridge
Language: English
Publisher: HarperOne; Reprint edition (August 26, 2003)
Pages: 160 pages
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Rating: 4.2
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This book is expressly concerned with the work Mother Teresa and her Missionaries of Charity do together in Calcutta and elsewhere for the poorest of the poor, written by a man who worked for many years in the same city and who much admired her work. It is full of anecdotes about her life and work and provides a pretty good summary of the major events. We know Mother Teresa for the great love that she poured out on the poor but at the very heart of all she did was her great love for God. "Yet not I, but Christ liveth in me" was one of her favorite sayings. Yet Muggeridge had never met anyone less sentimental, less scatty, more down-to-earth. Mother Teresa took a very practical view of money as her needs grew. When the Pope visited India he presented her with his white ceremonial motor car but she never so much as took a ride in it, organizing a raffle and raising enough money to start her leper colony.
The author tells us that while teaching Mother Teresa received her call within a call - to work with the poorest of the poor rather than in her Loreto school convent with its pleasant garden, eager schoolgirls, congenial colleagues and rewarding work. When her release came, she stepped out with a few rupees in her pocket, made her way to the poorest, wretchedest part of the city, found a lodging there, gathered together a few abandoned children and began her ministry of love. To choose, as Mother Teresa did, to live in the slums of Calcutta, amidst all the dirt, disease and misery, signified a spirit so indomitable, a faith so intractable, a love so abounding, that the writer felt abashed.
Following the instructions of her Lord, Mother Teresa regarded every derelict left to die in the streets as Him; she heard every cry of abandoned children, even the tiny squeak of the discarded foetus, as the cry of the Bethlehem child; she recognized in every Leper's stumps the hands which once touched sightless eyes and made them see. What the poor needed, Mother Teresa was fond of saying, even more than food and clothing and shelter (though they need these, too, and desperately) is to be wanted. It is the outcast state their poverty imposes upon them that is the most agonizing. She had a place in her heart for them all. To her, they were all children of God, for whom Christ died. The author never experienced so perfect a sense of human equality as with Mother Teresa among her poor. Her love for them made them equal, as brothers and sisters within a family are equal. This is the only equality there is on earth, and it cannot be embodied in laws, enforced by coercion, or promoted by protest and upheaval, deriving, as it does, from God's love, which, like the rain from heaven, falls on the just and the unjust, on the rich and poor, alike. The nuns all eat the same food, wear the same clothes, and possess as little as their clients - the poorest of the poor. The nuns are not permitted to have a fan or any other mitigations of life in Bengal's sweltering heat. Even at prayers, the clamor and discordance of the street outside intrude, lest they should forget why they are there and where they belong.
Critics point out that statistically speaking Mother Teresa and the sisters achieved little but in Muggeridge's view Christianity is not a statistical view of life. Welfare is for a purpose while love is for a person. The one is about numbers while the other is about a person who is also God. The God Mother Teresa worships cannot see a sparrow fall to the ground without concern.

I found Malcom Muggeridge's portrayal of Mother Teresa penetrating, very helpful and in a small volume you receive a good idea of the woman who may well be recognized as a saint during our lifetime. Sadly, some of our churches appeal to only a small congregation; for someone concerned with why their message is not getting over as effectively as they might wish, there could be no better way than studying this book and learning more about Mother Teresa's way of expressing love.
This book is truly something beautiful
One of my favourite books of all time, on one of my favourite people of all time. A candid, honest (could it be anything less) and illuminating dialogue between two people searching for an understanding of GOD. Though both are on very different path's, their shared humanity, desire to know and intimately connect with and experience a complex GOD has resulted in a very moving and inspiring work. Questioning and doubt are OK, GOD is not too small to meet us at our point of need, and to fill us with a love and compassion for others.
Superb book by the former Soviet apologist and atheist. Muggeridge provides his inspirational insight into a woman who was otherworldly; that is, seeing the Crucified Christ in each soul. Short book with a profound message!
Mysterious Wrench
This view of St Mother Teresa presented by Muggeridge was very moving. It provided insight into her personality and faith that leaves no doubt as to why the Catholic Church has declared her to be a saint. Very few people could achieve the total giving of self in service to God as she did, but it gives those who want to serve a goal to strive for.
This little book is full of gracious wisdom. Malcolm Muggeridge pondered deeply the life and work of Mother Theresa as he saw her serving the destitute and dying in India. Everyone with a heart for the poor and those who have no voice should read his book, slowly and contemplatively - it has the power to change one's perspective on many things, particularly in this age of 'fast everything'. The copy I received was well used I think, somewhat yellowed! But we have passed it on to our son and he is loving it, yellow or not.
Beautiful book that made me love Mother Teresa even more. I only wish there was more about this beautiful saint. But Malcolm Muggeridge's writings framing the information about Mother Teresa were quite well written.
Tired of chasing mammom and the treats of this world that won't survive your death? Malcolm Muggeridge gives an outstanding review of the daily life of Mother Teresa and the sisters who serve in the Missionaries of Charity and why they are such peaceful and joyful women. Mother Teresa and her work are a fresh breeze in a world that is increasingly populated at all levels with naval-gazers. She makes it clear that you don't turn inward and find ways to indulge yourself in ever increasing amounts but, to be truly happy, you must serve others. Why should you do this? Read the book and find out....
I really enjoyed this book and would highly recommend it. I'm not a catholic but this book was recommended to me. I was challenged by her passion for and the personal sacrifice she made to help the poorest of the poor and her faith to believe The Lord would provide for the needs. The writing is not that great and sometimes difficult to follow but definitely worth reading.