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by Louie Giglio

Not everyone may frequent the church on the corner, but we each have a place of worship. For some, it's at the office. For others, before the mirror. Still others, on the basketball court. You were created to worship! So you naturally find a place to do it. But to worship anything less than God robs both Him and us. It's at the foot of the cross where we reel, trying to comprehend how a holy God could chase us down with kindness and redeem us from an eternity of futile gods. In this newly revised and refreshed edition of the original The Air I Breathe, you'll find your sense of worship increasing beyond church walls or a Sunday routine. Soon all of life becomes your delighted response to God!
Download The Air I Breath epub
ISBN: 1842911864
ISBN13: 978-1842911860
Category: Bibles
Subcategory: Christian Living
Author: Louie Giglio
Language: English
Publisher: Kingsway Publications (June 4, 2004)
Pages: 128 pages
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Rating: 4.4
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I had never heard of Louie Giglio before reading this book. As I was searching for books to put on my Kindle I found this one. The minute I read the first few sentences, I could tell this was going to be an inspiring book and it did not disappoint. I noticed myself being more aware of worship - or the ability to worship - in everyday things. There is so much in this world that we overlook or take for granted.

We all worship something, be it money, work, sex, drugs, friendships - the list goes on. Giglio makes the point in his book that worshipping God is not meant for one hour on Sundays. It is a daily walk and we must be mindful of what we do worship. It's easy to fall into a pattern of idolizing and grabbing at worldly things. This book has changed the way I view the world, view my Creator, view Christ's sacrifice, and view the why, when, how and whats of worship.

Please take note when considering this book that the Kindle edition has 4-1/2 stars (before my review) with 2 votes; notice that the hardback edition has 5 stars after 56 reviews. I admit there are some errors with the transfer to the Kindle, but the content is what counts and you definitely get that!

I cannot recommend it more strongly for any Christian wanting to go to a new level of praising the Creator! You can bet I'll be reading more Giglio soon!
Louie Giglio's book, The Air I Breathe, describes worship as a part of everyday life. We worship the things we value and get excited about. The god that we worship is evident from how we spend our time and money. At the end of every trail blazed by our time and money is a throne and on that throne is the "god" we worship. But, is the god we worship worthy of our praise? This is the primary question that Giglio raises.

I was drawn to Giglio's book the moment that I learned that he organized the Passion conference--an annual conference of Christian musicians. This conference has generated numerous CDs of praise music. The Best of Passion CD is one of my favorites.

The text for Giglio's books is Acts 17--Paul's visit to Mars hill. It is one the Bible's clearest statement of faith and the audience is a gathering of Greek intellectuals--agnostics. Paul notices that they have a statute where they worship an "unknown god". He then explains Christ as that unknown god.

Giglio's book is addressed to moderns and post-moderns who do not believe in God and do not think that they need God. It is short and very readable.

I found The Air I Breathe an inspiration. My have already lent my copy to a friend and have begun giving copies to people that I care about. I suspect that this book has brought people, especially teens, to faith in Christ. I highly recommend it.

Very Old Chap
I haven’t been able to finish this study. I’m completing another travel related book that is inspiring. “The Air I Breath” is a wonderful study that helps a person examine their view about worship and how life changing complete worship can be.
This is a book about worship. The writer appears to write as he would speak. Some of his sentences are only one word, punctuated as though they were a complete sentence. The content of the book is easy reading and contains very little that would be considered new or profound. I would recommend the book for those who have no background in biblical thought, but for those who have had considerable contact with other writers on this subject, they will likely find it repetitious.
The concept was good, but I was disappointed that this book really didn't highlight any Scripture. I was looking for a way to study God's Word on worship in a deeper way, and this book was not quite what I was looking for.
I really liked this little book with its deep insights. Louie lays it on the line just like Dylan did when he wrote You Gotta Serve Somebody. Well, we all worship and as the author states we were designed to worship BUT it who or what we worship, That is the question.

I found his insights quite stirring, thought provoking and challenging. I also like his definition of worship and his observations of how and what people worship besides GOD. I found most refreshing his heart for GOD and his life of continuous worship. It opened my eyes to how I can worship GOD in all that I do except in sin. Come to think of it I really liked this book and I am going to change my rating from a 4 to a 5. GOD bless and be blessed get this book and begin to see with the eyes of GOD. JB
I never felt like the worship I offered was "good enough." Growing up I went to a variety of different types of churches, all with staunch beliefs that their way was the right way (speaking in tongues vs repeating ancient verses) so I was always afraid I was doing it incorrectly, not really sure what God wanted. Louie is great at presenting God as all-powerful, but also relatable.
Bought for my wife. She loved it.