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by Dan Stratton,Rich Vermillion

DESCRIPTION: What do you get when you combine a Wall Street millionaire, a Christian pastor, and a Hebrew scholar? Answer: Dan Stratton. In this first book of a new series, Divine ProVision takes the reader into higher dimensions of God's grace in their lives. Dan teaches the Body of Christ both the spiritual and practical aspects of developing and positioning God's "kings" for the financial, political, and material conquests they are called to achieve. Divine ProVision will take the reader into new levels of understanding regarding his or her own calling from God, whether it be in ministry or to a business or professional field. The book also features a chapter devoted exclusively to WOMEN that focuses on special issues regarding women in the marketplace, and how they can compete even more effectively. The text includes a biography (by Rich Vermillion) that introduces you to this unique man, including his the miracles during the 9-11 attacks. Covering everything from covenant relationships to balancing your budget, this book proves itself that it is not your typical prosperity message. Rather, it goes beyond just the monetary side of your prosperity and into the full dimensions of God's grace in all aspects of life. Includes an extensive teaching regarding five-fold ministry gifts and their relationship to business and professional "kings." Forewords by best-selling authors Doug Wead and Dr. Jesse Duplantis. Illustrated. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Daniel J. Stratton has been a member of the Wall Street community since 1981. Yale-educated, a businessman with exceptional financial acumen, and today as a pastor with a vision for the spiritual future of New York City. He is the founder and Senior Pastor of Faith Exchange Fellowship, in New York City, and the founder and president of the ProVision Network. During his career as one of New York's top traders, Dan worked on the New York Commodity Exchange and secured seats on the New York Mercantile Exchange. Pastor Dan Stratton regularly appear as a guest speaker around the nation, as well as on television and radio. ENDORSEMENTS: "Finally! Someone in the Kingdom of God has successfully connected the dots between the leadership of the church and the faithful professionals in the world who attend those churches. Daniel Stratton has brilliantly defined the roles of kings, and priests-and why the two groups of people can corporately enjoy great benefits when their collective efforts and callings work in transparent unity. Dan has marvelously interpreted the respective roles of those leaders in the work place and how they can better relate to the leaders in ministry, and vice versa. Dan understands the simple fact that both groups of people want to see the Church built up and enhanced. This is a must read for every pastor or teacher-as well as for everyone who loves the Lord and has a calling in the workplace outside of the ministry." (Richard M. Johnson). "Dan Stratton serves a major need in the body of Christ: teaching kings to be kings in their full capacity. I would recommend Divine ProVision to any Christian whose true heart lies in the battlefield of the marketplace. In my opinion, this is the Christian businessperson's handbook." (Steven Thompson). "Dan Stratton is truly a man of vision. While most people see things after they happen, Dan sees things and then makes them happen. Billions of people around the world are facing death without Jesus as their Lord and Savior. That is an unacceptable casualty rate. However, without the financial provisions in hand, THE MONEY, we can't do much about it. It's high time for the Body of Christ to wake up to the victory the Lord Jesus has provided for us financially and walk in the light of its power. Dan Stratton is a God-anointed man that is thoroughly qualified to lead us into the manifestation of that victory, so that we can reap the harvest of souls." (Dr. Kenneth Copeland)
Download Divine ProVision: Positioning God's Kings for Financial Conquest epub
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Author: Dan Stratton,Rich Vermillion
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Publisher: Paradigm Seed; 1st edition (November 8, 2005)
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To one and all,

If you will notice the author list, you will see my name among them. I actually wrote this book. About 40% of it came from Dan Stratton's notes, and the other 60% were from transcriptions and my own original writing.

However, about two years after the book was released, Dan Stratton and his "church" were featured within the NY Times newspaper in December, 2007. Within that article, Stratton admitted his lifetime active membership in the Satanic cult known as the Skull and Bones (i.e. he never repented and renounced his association with that secret society). He admitted all of this again on the 700 Club with Pat Robertson in April of 2008, claiming he maintained his active membership to evangelize the other cult members (which is impossible to do when he has never repented of his membership, and truly accepted the Lord himself). In short, one CANNOT be a Christian AND a member in GOOD STANDING of a Satanic cult at the same time (note in particular 1 Corinthians chapter 10 within the Bible as just one of many examples).

Because of these developments, the Christian publishing firm (with my FULL consent and agreement) removed Divine ProVision from the market entirely in June, 2008. Consequently, Amazon's listing does NOT accurately reflect its lack of availability, except with regard to new/used books sold by Amazon affiliates.

I highly recommend to everyone that you Google "Dan Stratton Bonesman" and read up on the true nature of this particular "false apostle" and "false brother." I also recommend the following books for you to read, available here on

Brotherhood of Darkness (an easy and short read)
Hope of the Wicked (a larger and more comprehensive read)

I appreciate all the positive comments that have been made on Amazon regarding this book, but I am sorry to say that much of what Stratton told about himself within its pages (especially the biographical info) is a lie, or at best, partial truths (i.e. neglecting to mention the satanic rites and witchcraft). When you Google his name as I indicated above, you will be well-equipped from several of the key articles to draw the same conclusions we have; but fortunately, your conclusions can be made without having to meet this very deceptive man, as we did.

Always in Jesus,

-Rich Vermillion
I bought this book after seeing Dan on some morning talk show - I can't remember which. I had the book in my possession for quite some time before I read it and I wish I would of read it earlier. The message is timely and has something for all Americans and Christians alike. It is written in an easy to read format and you feel as though you know Dan and his wife Ann after reading it. He is down to earth and uses many sports analogies which makes it interesting.

When you learn of the story of both Dan and Ann you will see how prophetic his message is. He was saved from the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center and all members of his fellowship/church survived September 11 by divine lead. He is trying to spread his message to a group of people who largely did not want to hear it but those events are bringing more and more people to Christ - hallelujia! As a life long NYC resident it is interesting to watch the growth of his ministry.

Dan's business message is inspired and full of integrity which is sadly rare these days. He also gives a powerful message to women in business which is not what one might expect. I learned both about the Biblical perspective on women in business which I had never known and also what the business world is really like for women.

I hope this helps in your selection some. He has written other books which are not on amazon for some reason. It is an enjoyable read. It is also a great "American Dream" story as well as he came from humble beginnings to go to Yale and on to tremendous success as a futures trader on Wall Street before he began his ministry.
Do you think that your business successes separate you from the Church? Do you feel like you are "outside, looking in" at your church because you aren't in the five-fold ministry? Pastor Dan Stratton reconnects the businessman to the Church by showing you how your business knowledge and successes can be used to further the work of the Kingdom. This is just the information you need, exactly what you've been looking for and you'll be glad to find that it is not a hard read. In a no-nonsense style, Pastor Dan presents common sense information that we all need to succeed! God gave you ideas and you need to put them into action. As Pastor Dan says, if you don't put your dreams into action, "you will never enjoy the fruit of it." You have to take the responsibility to "step out, seize opportunities" and live out your dreams. This is a wonderful guide explaining how to do just that. With great insight to organize your life in support of the Kingdom, this book is direct and straight forward. You will read it over and over again. I can't wait for it to be on CD.
This book is an excellent read. If you are a member of the body of Christ and not called to the five fold ministry, you must read this book. Pastor Stratton unfolds your calling into something exciting and then gives practical guidance on how to walk out what God has called you to do.
This is a must read for anybody searching for their unique, God given business plan. Pastor Dan Stratton has a masterful, but down to earth way of explaining his vision and how each of us can benefit by being a part of it.