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by Larry Julian

Business leaders face the difficult task of reconciling their personal beliefs with the bottom-line demands of their business obligations. Often, it seems like the conflict between short-term business strategies and their desire to "do the right thing" pull them in opposite directions.In God Is My CEO, readers will learn how to:Develop their God-given talents and skills, while developing a spiritual centerGain ideas and encouragement through real-life stories of successful business leaders who have faced the same challengesLearn to apply a practical daily plan to overcome the toughest business issuesFocus their energies and thoughts on moving forward with a sense of purpose Many business leaders struggle with the dilemma of being successful and living a life with purpose. God Is My CEO offers a practical and inspirational source of guidance for achieving a balanced and accomplished life.
Download God Is My CEO: Following God's Principles in a Bottom-Line World epub
ISBN: 1580627641
ISBN13: 978-1580627641
Category: Bibles
Subcategory: Christian Living
Author: Larry Julian
Language: English
Publisher: Adams Media; 1st Printing edition (September 1, 2002)
Pages: 320 pages
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Rating: 4.2
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This book is a perfect guide for those who want to make a difference in their world of work; a difference that is guided by the values of our faith: love, joy, peace, truth, and compassion; where the Kingdom of God will be established in every decision and every action. Well done to the author for showing us through the various examples that we can live out our Christian faith in the workplace.
This is my personal testimony: I attended undergrad and was kicked out of school for bad grades, got back in and finished. Started working for a major telecom company and now being there for almost 5yrs, with no change in title after the work I have contributed, I have made the decision to quit working for corporate america and started my own businesses (digital/print media and day trading). I am enrolled in grad school full time working on two Masters degrees and possibly for a PhD in Comp Sci. Neither of my parents attended college. I am a first generation college student, and my older sister went back and has now became a teacher in medicine, my grandfather, my mother and father (before he passed), aunts, uncles and plenty of other relatives are entrepreneurs in their own respective fields. So quite naturally the bug bit me too. I can't stand working for a major corporation, no control, you are in a rat race, its always about the bottom line, no freedom and the list could go on.

I said all of that to say this, I have never thought that being a successful person is wrong nor spiritually damaging but, like the bible says, the love of money is the root of all evil. I also believe that you trying to succeed can follow the same danger because you put more emphasis on being filthy rich, rather than your personal peace and freedom and that's what I don't get when I get up everyday to go to a job that only is worried about the bottom line but tries to care about their employees but because of customer demands and shareholders its tough and you have to "tighten the bootstraps" so to speak. Since i made the decision to become self employed 2 years ago and as I am making my transition out of corporate america, I have used this book as a guiding light for being business minded and also keep your spiritual gifts and fruits intact. I love the fact they use stories of actual people that have hit that wall in fortune and fame when it comes to their success vs their salvation. I also love the fact that its a motivational book and not so much of a spiritual guideline and not too "Holy Ghost, this scripture, that scripture". Its just open and candid stories of people who are no different than anyone else that has struggled with salvation and they tell their story of how they overcome, kind of a personal feel to it. I have other books for the spiritual aspect of my life, this book handles your human aspect. The questions we all have, the everyday struggles we all face and this book is a great tool to let you know that you are running the same race as everyone else and here is how they have faced it. This book was so good, I actually bought one for a friend of mine.
This book encourages each of us in a leadership role to work with God's principles as our motivator.
Every chapter is a success story of REAL life successful people - who HONOR GOD in their work place and the Lord causes them to prosper - it just hightlights the fact that integrity , honesty character MATTER to God and he honors that with a world sinking into a cesspool of kickbacks, dishonest gain and cut throat business practices this is a refreshing look at what happens when you HONOR God in the work place and in life........A GREAT READ...HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ....after reading it I ordered one to my CEO ....
Superb and honest. The leaders in this book allow us to see that it was not a cakewalk to achieve what they did. It showed that they understood that anything of true value is seldom reached without a committed effort. Putting our faith in God is what fuels that effort to achieve and pushes through the times when making the easier decision is not the right one.
I refer to this book often when facing challenges in my own business and it has always allowed me to refocus on God and renews my willingness to continue. God bless.
This is a fantastic book. I've loaned it to friends and had to fight to get it back. Lol! Highly recommend this great and easy read!
This is a powerful book for those struggling with the demands of business and following God at the same time. It is an awesome reminder about putting God first in all that you do. I passed this book to many of my cowokers! Its a reminder that you can serve God and still display the fruits of the spirit in all that you do. A great refresher of why I do what I do!
Since I passed the class, I'm going to go ahead and say that it did its job.