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by Steve C. Shank

What just happened to me-and why? Are you of the opinion that everything that happens to you in life, even the evil, somehow comes from God? Are you ready to examine this in the light of Jesus' practices and teachings?

Schizophrenic God? uncovers the myth of extreme sovereignty and invites you into a deeper biblical understanding of God's nature and His sovereign will. Have you ever wondered:

* Why does a good and loving God allow evil? * Is God really sovereign if He doesn't control all events? * Does God's will for your life automatically come to pass? * How does God's sovereignty and human responsibility come together? * Are there variables that can hinder God's will for your life? The answers to these questions and many others are revealed in this book, which compares false traditional beliefs with Jesus' worldview--removing confusion that blocks God's will for your life. Schizophrenic God? is a close look at fate and free will. Has God predetermined everything that happens in your life, or do your own free-will decisions help determine your destiny? You will be challenged to rethink the assumptions you have made about God, which brings comfort and empowerment in the truths of a good God, human choice, and the prayer of faith that changes things. Rest assured--you do not serve a schizophrenic Father.

Download Schizophrenic God?: Finding Reality in Conflict, Confusion, and Contradiction epub
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Author: Steve C. Shank
Language: English
Publisher: Destiny Image (January 17, 2012)
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I don't know much about Steve Shank, but this is standard Pentecostal theology. He's a good communicator and makes a convincing argument, and I agreed on many points but not all. E.g.. Just as the book of James was a thorn in the side to Martin Luther, so Pentecostals take issue with the book of Job. I've heard them blame Job's suffering on Job's fear, Job's negative confession, etc., etc.. Shank makes the argument that it was a one-time challenge specific only to Job, never to be repeated. Job proved God's point to Satan and everyone else, everywhere for all time, and we never have to worry about God dropping His hedge of protection around us to prove our own faith and love for Him. If we get sick, it's Satan working entirely on his own, and we need to stand against him and not think God might be behind it. Except that begs the question: If Satan had to ask God's permission before tormenting Job, why doesn't he have to ask God's permission before tormenting us? Why does he have free range to do as he pleases now? Seems to me Job had a better deal pre-Mosaic than we have in these last days.

Also, despite the fact that the book is impeccably edited, Shank refuses to capitalize "Lucifer" and "Satan." He doesn't say why, so I'm assuming it stems from some sort of superstition? Speak the devil's name and in he walks? Don't know, but proper nouns are always capitalized, and "Lucifer" is no exception.
Pastor Steve attempts to explain that God is always good and is therefore not responsible for the evil in the world. In other words, God is not a Jekyll and Hyde. The main thrust of the book is looking at different views that people have about God and testing them in light of Scripture.
God is in total control and whatever happens to you (good or bad) is the will of God
God allows suffering, pain, etc on people for a purpose (i.e. to teach them something)
Your whole life before you where born has all been predetermined by God.
Those are some of the things he looks at.
I think this is geared towards new Christians or those who have issues with God. It was an easy read and relatively short. Many of the discussions could have been longer and more Scripture explored. As I was reading each chapter, I thought of verses that could have been incorporated in that chapter. There are still some verses and concepts that I would like to see how they fit into his understanding. This goes over each topic in general. This is a good attempt to help people see God as He truly is.
I will disagree with this author about the sovereignty of God. The author seems to imply that God is sovereign only up to a point. I believe the Bible makes it pretty clear that God is completely sovereign over everything. I would also disagree with the author's interpretation of the terms chosen and election, the author implies it's for ministry whereas again I believe the Bible is pretty clear that those terms refer to the people who will be saved. So many verses that don't fall in line with the author's viewpoint and interpretation of the Bible are not addressed in his book.
very challenging read for me, I think I am now convinced God did not create evil. I have always found comfort in a God who controls, designs, or filters anything that comes my way, for my good. feels safe because I know He loves me and Jesus died for me to prove it,. and I would never lose faith even in the hardest times. But to awaken to the idea of a God who only does good for me is even more wonderful. He can change anything I encounter as loss, hardship, or devastation into some thing beautiful, because He loves to do the impossible. Love is only real if there is choice. and when there is choice, people do not always make the choices God would have us make. Thus, hardships and evil happens. But God's love n power is greater than all.
I would recommend this book for people wanting to understand God's sovereignty better. I cannot say I agree 100% with everything but then how often does that happen anyway. He deals with questions many of us have and does use some stories to make his point and many scriptures. I really liked the chp on fear. This book is very insightful and I love that he has some teachings from some Church Fathers from many years ago Such wisdom is wonderful. One statement at the end is about getting back to Jesus. How we have left Jesus for our churchianity. So very true. How our world could be transformed by the truths in this book. Enjoy and think about what you read. Let's live in the truth of Jesus and leave the lies behind.
Hawk Flying
I thought the title was interesting. Doesn't the Christian God seem just a little frazzled sometimes? Or is it because of the way we look at him? I thing Shank is onto something with his perspective. Like all spiritual books I advise context but this is worth the read and will give you insights that will help you make sense of the old adage: why do good things happen to bad people, or bad things happen to good people. The old saying is banal, the book is not. A buy signal from me.
The book takes the reader through and makes a case for several commonly debated questions. I expressly liked the chapter summaries or the (what we know) summary. Whereby some may think that God is schizophrenic, God is not that way and the author does not believe that either, my vote would be to change the title.
The book is well written but the theology is not acceptable in my view. It is more about having enough faith and God "will" heal you. If you are not healed, evidently you did not have enough faith. That is "kinda" putting God in a box and forcing him to heal you. If God chooses not to heal me, then it was not in his will to do so and I may find out why one of these days but we can't question our faith or God's goodness.