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Download Hi, My Name Is Jack: One Man's Story of the Tumultuous Road to Sobriety and a Changed Life epub

by Jack Watts

In this grippingly honest narrative about one man’s journey from addiction and self-destruction to recovery and a changed life, readers will be dismayed at the hurtful patterns of his two alcoholic parents and how they scarred and shaped the outcome of their three sons forever. Watts openly talks of his multiple failed marriages, strained relationships with his children, overwhelming business losses, and the self-loathing and guilt that plagued him for years.In spite of all of this, Jack held on to the conviction he made more than fifteen years ago never to drink again. Gradually learning to make better choices, he discovered how to move past deeply engraved dysfunctions and become a productive, loving adult. Included are accounts of his efforts to live out the twelve steps in restoring relationships with family members and confronting the offender who molested his three daughters.A story like this is one that continues throughout a lifetime. The glimpses shared in these pages will inspire readers to be honest about their own demons and provide hope for a fulfilled and joyful life beyond the shackles of addiction.
Download Hi, My Name Is Jack: One Man's Story of the Tumultuous Road to Sobriety and a Changed Life epub
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Category: Bibles
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Author: Jack Watts
Language: English
Publisher: Howard Books (November 29, 2011)
Pages: 240 pages
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When Jack Watts picked up a White Chip at AA
... He said an emphatic, "NO" to,
Addictions trying to steal his Purpose,
Dysfunctions trying to steal his Heritage,
Abuse trying to steal his Children,
Circumstances trying to steal his Joy.

Jack Watts didn't Blame-shift or Hide
... He refused to let Alcohol win!
He ran toward the Roar;
He exposed the Lies and Deceit;
He fought for his Children and Won.
He never gave up and is still going strong Today
... after Years of Determination
... after 'Chips' of many colors.

Jack Watts wrote a book, so spellbinding that it was impossible for me to stop reading. I started with a few Kleenex and realized my tears were Bounty size. And even though I haven't walked in his shoes' and even though I haven't battled his addictions ... his book, "Hi, My Name Is Jack: One Man's Story of the Tumultuous Road to Sobriety and a Changed Life" encouraged me to rethink some decisions and make some changes ... and choose the road less traveled... Again.
I read this book recently, long after its publication and a couple years after meeting the author. We became acquainted by sparring over social media, where we generally disagree on most discussion topics, but have grown to respect each other for mutual candor and honesty. I was curious to read the book based on my own witness to alcoholism in my family and the fears I’ve harbored that I may be a candidate for such a plight.

The book offers a view of an alcoholic’s life that should be familiar to most of us. Like people suffering from a multitude of medical conditions, alcohol abuse does not raise a scarlet letter around anyone’s neck. Who we easily recognize as someone with an alcohol problem represents only a scant number of those actually suffering from its consequences.

A typical alcoholic is not a raging drunk who gets plastered at the office party, sits on a bar stool night after night till the local pub closes, or even someone obviously suffering from repeated episodes of hangovers, car accidents and incoherent behavior. These descriptions do accurately picture of some alcoholics, but if you only tag these folks you’ve missed the majority of them.

Like the school teacher who stands before your child every day; the service repairman working around your home; an insurance agent, banker, lawyer, restaurant server, soldier, student, and yes, even your minister. You never know. Alcoholism is a disease that afflicts about 17 million in America, but people can cope with it in many different forms and easily avoid detection.

This book is the portrayal of a talented man with plenty of family dysfunction long before it was popular to call it such. He grew--or arguably was trained--to rely on alcohol as a crutch to lean on to anesthetize the pain he experienced in living. And there was plenty of pain in his life, some self-inflicted and other pain caused by the betrayal of those he loved or for whom he was trying to provide his care.

While some other reviews take issue with the lack of drunken rages or binge drinking, they missed the point: Jack’s life included many dramatic episodes in the form of infidelity by those he loved, disappointment from those he admired, family breakdowns, professional setbacks and bad luck. To confront all of these issues he relied on the steady flow of alcohol in his veins and Jesus in his heart. It’s really not such an unusual combination.

I recommend this book for the story about a regular man whose journey had more than his fair share of bumps and curves, and whose redemption required the recognition and removal of alcohol as the primary lens through which he viewed the world. He had to learn how alcohol distorted his vision of the problems that confronted him, and weakened his resolved to best them.

Jack’s courage to share his long, arduous journey with the world in painful detail is clearly the mark of a man whose survival was dependent on clearing the slate behind and before him. And there’s a profit for the rest of us to read and reflect on his recovery as inspiration of how we might deal with our own ghosts from the past and barriers before us.
Having followed Jack on Facebook I wanted to read this book. I don't usually buy books but had to make an exception, and I'm happy I did. Quite an eye opener and so very gut wrenching and honest. I give him kudos for having the guts to share so much of his story. As a woman who has been married more than once and also abused alcohol it made me think about my story and I too come from a Christian background.
I think that christian background helped me to turn my life around b/c in the back of my mind I knew I still had that hope.
I only ordered this book because I had connected with the author on social media. I've never had a problem with alcoholism or other addictions, so I didn't expect to connect with the story. But I was wrong. Jack's story, his family dynamic, struck a nerve close to home.

With open vulnerability, Jack takes the reader into his family's tangled web of dysfunction, then shows us how to begin the detanglement of our own dysfunctional system.
Well worth your time.
First of all, let me say, you don't have to be an alcoholic, a recovering alcoholic or from a family history of alcoholism to enjoy this book. But, I promise you, you will find a connection in this book that runs true in your own life. After the first paragraph, Jack Watts has capitvated another member to his audience!. You will not want to put it down. Each chapter leaves you suspending and begging to find out more. People, this is his memoir, and it will make you realize how small your problems are in reality. And the best news is, he survives! Don't hesitate for one minute on this won't regret it!
Opening the door to family secrets and exposing yourself to critical review has to be one the hardest, yet liberating steps a person can take towards healing. Jack Watts does just that in his book, "Hi, my name is Jack". At the heart of this book is an addict struggling to overcome generational curses visited upon his family. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Jack’s writing manages to evoke every human emotion possible as you travel through years of dysfunction with him. From one failure to another Jack walks you through failed relationships with almost every person in his life, wives, father, brother, children, but in the end forgiveness is his saving grace. Jack very tastefully deals with delicate matters such as sexual abuse. I appreciate Jack’s ability to tell a story while maintaining his Christian values. Great story of grace and redeeming love!

You are only as sick as your secrets!
Suzan A.
Impressed with meeting Jack through a good friend over a wonderful lunch, I wanted to know more about him through this book. Honest and gut wrenching Jack openly shares how he dealt with the disfunctions around him. To have gone through this all from childhood and finally become a productive adult exemplifies triumph and success. Worth the read.