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by Robert A. Morey

Were you at a loss when they began their pitch? Did you find yourself without answers to their probing questions? You are not alone. Many thousands feel the same awkwardness when confronted by these zealous door-to-door salesmen.

But take heart you hold in your hand a book of effective answers!

You can successfully combat their basic ideas without mastering all their theology!

This little book has actual photostatic copies of "official" Watchtower prophecies which have never come to pass. Show them to the cultists. Prove to them, from their own writings, that their organization is, in effect, a "false prophet." In short: TAKE THE OFFENSIVE!

The book has three basic sections:

A simple explanation of how to use it the next time a "Witness" appears at your front door.

Solid proofs from their own literature that their system is false.

Irrefutable proof from Bible translations acceptable to them that the Jehovah they claim to serve is identical to Jesus Christ, the God-man.

This is a one-of-a-kind handbook on "home-defense." Buy it. Use it. And watch it work for you.

Download How to Answer a Jehovah's Witness epub
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Author: Robert A. Morey
Language: English
Publisher: Bethany House Pub (June 1, 1980)
Pages: 96 pages
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In the world of cult religion, this is a great primer on understanding the Jehovah's Witness religion the next time that two of them show up at your door and announce that
the end of the world is coming next week...or is it next year?
Robert Morey (born 1946) is a Christian apologist and pastor who has written a number of books and pamphlets, such as Islamic Invasion,Death and the Afterlife,The Truth About Masons,How to Answer a Mormon: Practical Guidelines for What to Expect and What to Reply When the Mormons Come to Your Door,Reincarnation and Christianity, etc.

He wrote in the first chapter to this 1980 book, "this material is specially designed for pastors or church leaders who desire: 1. To establish their members in the faith to prevent their being converted to the Watchtower. 2. To prepare them to help people out of the Watchtower with a view to their rejoining the Christian Church."

The book contains numerous photocopies of embarrassing excerpts from Watchtower publications (e.g., predicting apocalyptic events for 1975).
If you've failed again and again... If you can't remember a lot of Scriptures... If you don't read greek and hebrew... If you don't know a lot about Jehovas Witnesses... If you don't know what to say... If you're feeling shy... If you're feeling incompetent... If you want to cut through the iron-curtain of the false prophet of the WatchTower... If you want an easy,ready-to-use guide... If you want to show genuine love for Jehovah's Witnesses... If you want to point Jehovah's to Jesus Christ... Then, yes then you've just got to get this book - very fast!!!
I've used it, and it works!
Klaus Dahl Denmark, Scandinavia
While too many "counter cult" ministries believe that JW's can be won to Christ by explaining doctrinal differences, Dr. Morey clearly shows how it is easier to get to the JW by showing them their denomination's history of false prophecies. Of course, the gospel should be preached first, but otherwise, the method Morey explains to use in witnessing is excellent.
THis book proves that the watchtower is a false prophet and proves the diety of Christ. Very compelling evidence which includes actual copies of the Watchtower. I am new to learning how to answer a JW and was looking for more of an introduction to disputing a JW but this book does not advertise that.
I recommend this book as part of your learning experience in answering/debating a Jehovah's Witness.
Dr. Morey has done it again in this book about how to witness to Jehovahs witnesses! Dr. Morey uses Photocopies of the many, many, many false prophesies of the watch tower. In order to win a JW to Jesus Christ You must prove that the watchtower society is a false prophet, and this book help you do that!
I have read many books on the JW's. This one seems short and thrown together. It would be a good starter book for someone interested in the subject. I need a little more meat personally.
Why would anyone talk bad about people whom are only doing what Jesus and his followers done. The Bible say follow Jesus footsteps closely. All people should witness about the Almighty God. This book is a waste.