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Download Just Too Weird: Bishop Romney and the Mormon Takeover of America: Polygamy, Theocracy, and Subversion epub

by Webster Griffin Tarpley

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney's Mormon tradition is revealed as no real religion but a cult invented by a charlatan, a disguise for a subversive ideology opposing all that is best in the American tradition. The British recruited Mormon leaders into their 19th century plot to break up the US, leading to the cult's strategic occupation of Utah territory. Mormonism has never abandoned its secrecy and its enmity to America. Mitt Romney is the hoped-for figure who will fulfill Mormon prophecy and take over the United States. This book provides warning insights into a possible Romney presidency by exploring over 182 years of Latter-day Saints tradition. As Romney is a notorious liar and flip-flopper, it is useless to examine his political positions at any given moment. He attempts to pose as an ultra-patriot, but his family considered the barbaric Mormon practice of polygamy more important than loyalty to the United States. Romney spent years attempting to recruit for the cult, in which black Americans were regarded as inferior. Although Romney demands an aggressive foreign policy, nobody in his family every served this country in uniform - although at least one ancestor fought against the Union in the attempted 1857 Mormon secession of Utah. As president, Romney would rely on and build up the Mormon Mafia in the intelligence community. He might try to carry out Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith's apocalyptic White Horse Prophecy, which calls for a Mormon takeover of the United States, followed by a campaign to conquer the world for their theocracy. Every voter needs to read this book.
Download Just Too Weird: Bishop Romney and the Mormon Takeover of America: Polygamy, Theocracy, and Subversion epub
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Author: Webster Griffin Tarpley
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Publisher: Progressive Press (October 10, 2012)
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A must read for political and history students.
Historian Webster Griffin Tarpley has delivered another classic in his series of writing on U.S. & world history. In many ways he writes the Hidden History. Tapley exposes the real Mormon/New World Orders objectives of the Bishop Romney run at the White House, Mormonism, Masonry, and the heavily Mormon John Birch Society are all key elements driving the World into a one world government. Now I know that many Mormons and Birchers will say that there are opposed to the NWO, but the actions of many Mormon and/or Birchers put the lie to that claim. The Koch Brothers, whose father was a JBS founder, have been heavily invested in the movement(s) to weaken the working man and establish Mammon on the throne in all endevors. The so called libertarion movement is just the opposite of that, its outlook again weakens the common citizen against fascism and Big Brother. Tarpey has many times exposed the Ron/Rand Paul hoax. 5 Stars
Mr Tarpley provides an excellent history of a people who did not know how to live with amicably with others much like Talmudic Jews with which they are closely allied. You will come to understand that the Mormons were allied with the British during the Revolution and have remained anti American to this day and have established a narco criminal empire in the southwest in alliance with the Mexican drug gangs. If you think the Obama presidency is a disaster, and it is, a Romney presidency would have been an even worse horror. To some extent it is a matter of which branch or organized crime you prefer to be robbed and enslaved by.
this book has no basis in reality, buyer beware.
An absolute book of hatred directed toward the Mormon religion and culture. I would not recommend this to anyone who would be interested in reading it. I enjoyed his Unauthorized biography on George Bush but this one really directs hate toward a peaceful culture.
One of the most explosive and timely political books in years (since the publication of Dr Tarpley's Obama postmodern Coup and unauthorized Bio in 2008). From the man who wrote two books on the Obama CIA color revolution in America. In this definitive socio-political analysis of Bishop Romney the cultist with a blood oath of vengeance against "those damned American gentiles" Dr Tarpley warns that the misinformed and manipulated lower middle class are poised to elect a tiny minority ruler worse that the CIA manufactured Al-Qaeda. With its own secret army of "Danites" in the FBI and CIA ready to extract vengeance on behalf of the mormon cult, Americans will truly experience the police state caliphate first hand.