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by Priests

Seeking to be faithful to the original languages, Priests for Equality have sought new and non-sexist ways to express the same ancient truths. The Inclusive Bible is a fresh, dynamic translation into modern English, carefully crafted to let the power and poetry of the language shine forth.
Download The Inclusive Bible: The First Egalitarian Translation (Sheed & Ward Books) epub
ISBN: 1580512143
ISBN13: 978-1580512145
Category: Bibles
Subcategory: Bible Study & Reference
Author: Priests
Language: English
Publisher: Sheed & Ward (October 25, 2007)
Pages: 912 pages
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Rating: 4.8
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I read Greek and Hebrew so I read this translation from a theological as well as linguist point of view. I think they have done a great job of placing the language in this century with meaning for modern people. I would like to be able to read their received text in Greek and Hebrew. It would be interesting.
I purchased the paperback edition which sadly fell apart after 2 years. I have recently ordered the hardcover edition which I hope will survive usage.
I commend this version for study and for gaining meaning. The new Jerusalem Bible is ahead of this edition for scholars but this edition has a view to inclusion which is very commendable in 2016 when we see God created created all humans as equal.
I was first introduced to this translation of the Bible while working as a Chaplain at a hospital where we were made to be intentional in our use of inclusive language with the patients. At first, I was skeptical of this translation as, being a seminary student on the path to Priestly ordination, I worried the desire to make the terminology inclusive would only happen by sacrificing accuracy.
After exploring this Bible there, I needed to purchase it for myself and for my own library. This translation may not have the same beauty as the King James translation, and it may not be as wholly accurate as the New Revised Standard Version, or the New International Version, and it may not be as approachable to the masses as translations like The Message. Even so, it accomplished finding that desirable balance between accuracy and intentional use of language. In a world where many people have been severely damaged and hurt by the overall Christian church, particularly regarding sexuality and gender roles in addition to patriarchal domination, this translation is so necessary. By having this translation available to show that the Bible is just as compelling and Godly without gender and hierarchy flowing through the whole narrative can so help to allow those previously hurt find comfort in the church. God is not gendered, the spirit is not gendered, and all of humanity is a Creation of God regardless of gender, and so it is incredibly powerful to have a translation of the Bible which shows these realities. Now, I'm not saying I will be seeking to replace scripture readings in all worship with this translation, but I certainly will use it as a tool to explore how various translations compare to one another. Also, I will be using this translation, in addition to many others, in some worship services where I feel they are appropriate.
Every "translation" of the Bible, from the King James Version onward has been written with the intent of making scripture more palatable to its readers. Seriously, look it up; it is the actual *stated* purpose of the King James Version. This rendering carries this long tradition in a new direction, making a timeless classic more accessible than it has been in over 400 years.
Personally, I can't wait for the ebook!
I can't seem to find book of Proverbs in mine, but other than that, this version makes it easier because I'm not so distracted with the misogyny of KJV.
To those who claim this version perverts the truth so does your English version. You would have to read in the original language since you seem to be such a stickler on what is the Truth.
Ok, so I finally found the Book of Proverbs, apparently a lot of the books got moved around compared to the KJV
I am really impressed with this translation. Obsolete versions like King James make the Bible inaccessible. Some more "user friendly" versions dumb it down too much and are often just simplified from the King James text.

I like this version because it has lost none of its depth or poetry. The translation notes are wonderful and you can tell that the translators truly tried to capture the original meaning of what was written.

I use this bible to browse, to look up things about which I'm curious, and I read from the liturgical calendar on Sundays. It has improved my relationship with the mass, and broadened my understanding of the Bible.
This translation is really the only one I read at home. The historical notes are very helpful, and the egalitarian language is done beautifully. I hope there will be a Kindle version of this bible soon because my only complaint is how large and heavy this book is.
I truly like and appreciate the accuracy of this translation. I have enjoyed using this translation digitally, and so this Spring purchased the paperback edition (actually four of them--pulpit, lectern, library and office). All was well until one day, from the pulpit, I had trouble finding Isaiah 65. Though still somewhat useful, I would rather not have four books with significant problem (It goes like this: pages 1-288, followed by 225-256, then 321-799, so I am missing 289-320)!
So, if you buy, check the pages and return. Don't wait to discover the problem like I front of my whole congregation!
Grace and Peace, Rev. Hardie
This translation reflects the context of ideals that are fundamental to our Christian faith without the burden of antiquated gender biases.