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by Curtis Vaughan

This Bible, 30 years in the making, clarifies the meaning of the King James Version by the use of 26 other translations of the biblical text. The KJV is quoted in its entirety and is supplemented by those translations that differ significantly, verse-by-verse.
Download The Word: The Bible from 26 Translations/Bonded Leather epub
ISBN: 0935491015
ISBN13: 978-0935491012
Category: Bibles
Subcategory: Bible Study & Reference
Author: Curtis Vaughan
Language: English
Publisher: Mathis Pub (June 1, 1991)
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FB2 size: 1250 kb
Rating: 4.9
Votes: 772
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Obviously the content is great/ excellent! but the condition of the cover and pages, well, it's falling apart and it's dirty. But it serves the purpose (cross-reference / tool for studying)
The concept is nice but it does not use all the translations for each verse. Guess that would make the book to big but thought buyers should know this. The bonded leather is very thin & reminds me of one of those cheap gift Bibles in away, so If you plan on making this your main Bible you may want to get the hard back. If it is just for an extra study aid than it should be fine. Overall it is a good concept & I will enjoy it, but for the price I would have gone with the hard back had I known how cheap the bonded leather is. The pages are not the best quality paper either. I collect Bibles & have many so if paper quality is very important you may want to factor that in. If I was to rate the quality just of the leather & paper I would give it a 3 star. I have not tried to highlight in it because the paper looks thin & cheap so I caution buyers to test an unimportant page first. That being said again the concept will be nice for study. My church prefers the KJV but I use NASB so this will be nice for the archaic verses.
I got a rockin' deal on this book, which I am really greatful for. This an amazing work. Great for study. He takes the most divers translations and incorporates them. He did not use all 26 for each verse because of the redundency. I understand that some of the translations he has used have been revised. For me it doesnt make it or break it. Its only a couple of them. The print size must be around 7-8. Good spacing that makes it more readable. The book is big, but not overwhelmingly so. It is after all for research and not a carry to church bible. Good paper and construction. I am very happy with this book and thank God that I was able to add this incredible tool to my library.
I must admit, that reading the Old/New Testaments is a very hard and often boring/tedious task to accomplish. (What? No one else has this problem? Sheesh.) While I maintain that the original King James Version is the most accurate of all translations based on the best and numerous extant ancient manuscripts, the King James English leaves me in the lurch as far as being understandable. Some passages are beautiful, but the archaic idioms, syntax, sentence structure and words give me no benefit in understanding the content and meaning of the verses. Enter "The Word" in 26 translations. While this sounds rather daunting, this version does a very smart and efficient thing. While it is true that there are 26 different translations, this edition only lists any significant differences from certain translations as compared to the King James version, which is used as the primary reading verse. So in reality, for each verse, you may have about three to five different readings underneath the King James verse. If something in the KJV seems foggy in meaning, you can immediately skip down underneath the verse to see the alternative translations. This brings much clarity and insight. The only "drawback" to this edition is it's realitivly large size. It isn't light or small by anymeans. However the understanding and insight gathered from this translation has more than made up for the relatively expensive price and oversized shape of the book. If the publishers ever produce a volume that is much smaller than this edition, I am sure that it would be a best seller. I found this book a great solution for the scripture reading blues.
Would buy more than 1 if I could find more.
I love this Bible for clarifying passages I need further translation help is well written and easy to use.
just one girl
Not entirely what I was looking for, yet I'm keeping it! A good multi-translation copy of the King James variety! Lots of footnotes for alternate meanings! Thanx!
This is a great reference bible for different translations. It's so good to have the multiple translations in one blink instead of many tabs on the computer. Great quality on the cover.